Heroes: Version 2.5 Update Now Live!

After a somewhat lengthy maintenance period, the Version 2.5 Update is now live in Fire Emblem Heroes! The game will prompt you to go to the Play Store or App Store to download the update the next time you load it up.

Heroes already shared information about of many of the update’s changes in last week’s Update Notification. However, you can take a look further below for a look at some details, including the new weapon refine options available for Camilla, Clair, and Male Corrin. Squad Assault 10 is also now available.

Additionally, the game is also giving all Heroes players a Thanks For Playing Gift! You can pick up the gift from Feh at your earliest convenience. It includes:

  • 4★ Takumi: Wild Card
  • 13,200 Hero Feathers
  • Assorted Badges: 60 Scarlet, 30 Azure, 30 Verdant, 60 Transparent
  • Assorted Shards: 20,432 Scarlet, 10,216 Azure, 10,216 Azure, 20,432 Transparent

These gifts are meant to compensate existing players for incoming changes to the game’s tutorial content. If you have already upgraded any starting heroes to 4★, this functions as reimbursement. Otherwise, you now have the materials to do so for free.

Click on the Read More link to take a details look at the Version 2.5 Update contents, or load up the game and take a look for yourself!

Weapon Updates:

5★ Clair now has access to the lance Rhomphaia, and 5★ Camilla now has Camilla’s Axe.

  • Rhomphaia: Might 16. Effective against armored and cavalry foes.
  • Camilla’s Axe: If unit is within 2 spaces of a cavalry or flying ally, grants Atk/Spd +4 during combat.

Additionally, both of these weapons, as well as Male Corrin’s Yato, can be further upgraded in the Weapon Refinery. Each weapon has a unique upgrade, listed below:

  • Rhomphaia: If unit’s Spd – foe’s Spd ≥ 1, unit gains Special cooldown charge +1 per attack. (If using other similar skill, only highest value applied.)
  • Camilla’s Axe: Grants Atk/Spd+3 to cavalry and flying allies within 2 spaces during combat.
  • Yato: Grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res+2. If unit is within 2 spaces of support partner, grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res+4 to that ally during combat.

As usual, you can also take the simple Mt/Spd/Def/Res boost upgrades as well.

Furthermore, Chrom, Lucina, and Masked Marth all now have access to the Sealed Falchion via the Refinery as well. This weapon originally appeared with Chrom: Knight Exalt.

Arena Updates:

The most extensive changes this update are for the Arena. Maximum Arena Chains will go down to a total of five battles instead of seven. Offensive Rewards are scrapped completely and will be replaced with Chain Rewards.

Players will have the opportunity to win Chain Rewards once each season by completing a full chain of five battles. These rewards include: 3,000 Hero Feathers, 100 Arena Medals, 10 Sacred Coins, 1 Orb, and 10 Refining Stones.

Additionally, Arena Bonus Allies will receive a stat boost, just like they do in Tempest Trials. Any Bonus Allies you use in your team will gain HP+10 and Atk/Spd/Def/Res+4. These boosts will not affect your Arena match-ups and scoring, nor will they apply to the enemies you fight.

Defense and Tier Rewards remain the same. Additionally, Arena Assault still requires a full seven battles to complete a chain.

Tutorial Changes:

Many changes have been made to the opening tutorial of the game to help ease new players into Heroes.

Most notably, Takumi: Wild Card now appears in Preface 2 of the Tutorial, in place of Virion. Virion instead joins the player via the Barracks along with Raigh and Matthew after the map is completed. Furthermore, all starting heroes (Alfonse, Sharena, Anna, Takumi, Virion, Matthew, and Raigh) join at 4★ instead of 2★.

Other changes also include rebalancing enemy stats, auto-battle availability, and Training Tower availability.

Tap Battle Updates:

For future Tap Battles, new Extra Stages will appear starting on Day 4 after all 100 regular stages have been added. Presumably this will give players more incentive to play after they’ve reached the end.

Additionally, heroes that participate in Tap Battle are now able to earn Hero Merit for completing stages. This change is already in effect for the current Tap Battle.

Rival Domains Updates:

Enemy Brigades have been revamped. They include 40 heroes instead of 20, so fewer duplicates will appear, and enemy composition is no longer randomized for each instance. Also, enemies no longer attack immediately after warping.

Miscellaneous QoL & UI Enchancements:
  • Players can finally toggle on/off Enemy Phase music in the setting screen.
  • Heroes will keep any EXP and SP they earned during a battle even if they’re KOed.
  • EXP and SP is no longer halved when replaying completed maps.
  • Skill descriptions have been revamped to be more consistent.
  • There is another new option in the Settings menu: Foe/Ally Auto-Battle Movement. It will let you control how much movement is shown on screen for AI-controlled characters, such as enemy units or when playing via auto-battle. Choose “Guided” for more detailed movement, and “Simple” for less.
  • Movies will no longer appear when summoning heroes from the original batch of Summoning Focuses. You can still view these movies within the Misc. screen, if you wish.
  • Many buttons have been altered to look slightly different, such as the Auto Battle button in combat. Some buttons are also darker and more contrasted.
  • The update loading characters have been changed. Instead of displaying the first batch of focus heroes, they now show an assortment of Brave and Legendary Heroes.
About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor
  • 100%B-Type

    Now my 2nd 5* Camilla comes back to my Flier Emblem~

  • Kurono

    Here lies Corrin’s hopes and dreams… It’s not a bad refinament, but is kinda disappointing…

  • Stevosan

    Can someone tell me what “Guided” changes? I’m not really sure what’s different now. I have it on, and have no clue what it’s doing?

    • nate

      likey it shows the ai full moves so you know why so guy warped in front of you

  • dmurr

    Nice to finally see a change in the opening character set. Wish they had summoning movies for these characters too.

    • MetalGear Lamia


  • Zog58

    I didn’t notice that Chrom and Lucina got the Sealed Falchion. I can only imagine how good Fury Lucina is with that and Desperation. The bond refine was probably better on regular Chrom anyway because he was a better tank. Glad to see this!

    • Dottor Inferno, Ph.D.

      And not masked marth? too bad!

      • Zog58

        No, Masked Marth gets it too, I just consider her Lucina haha.

  • mrkisukes

    It’s actually quite cool that both Hinoka’s and Camilla’s prf weapons are referencing their siblings with all 3 of Hinoka’s being infantry and all 3 of Camilla’s being horseback.

    Clair is now just a lance version of Ceada, which is really good, and potentially better with the large number of reds that show up. And Corrin’s refinement is kind of neat and is actually quite good so long as you remember to always have him on a team with someone he supports with. The down side to it though is that enemies don’t have supports so it’s useless for arena defense.

  • Haha, they think older players will actually use those Feathers to upgrade Alphonse, Sharena, and Anna…that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all week.

    • mrkisukes

      Especially since mine are already 5*, those feathers are going straight to making my Camilla +10…I’m just waiting for a +spd/-hp one, I got a +atk/-hp one, but I think that is less optimal than +spd.

    • Morgan Rodgers

      I don’t know, I’ve actually long ago updated these three to 5* so it’s really just payback for the feathers I already spent. (They are actually pretty decent once they’re 5*, Alphonse and Anna anyway).