Heroes: July & August Event Calendar + New Tap Battle!

As the previous event calendar winds down in Fire Emblem Heroesa new one has arrived! Check it out to see what’s coming in the next month!

According to the calendar, we have quite a few events beginning soon. The next Tempest Trials+ is slated to begin 15 July, with a New Heroes summoning event occurring 20 July. In addition, we have a new Grand Hero Battle beginning 29 July and the next Grand Conquests is scheduled for 1 August. A full list of the events can also be found below.

Furthermore, the next Tap Battle has begun! Tap Battle: Illusory Dungeon – Summer of Heroes can be found in the Event menu. Aside from the usual stages to complete, a variety of Daily Quests are available, with more to be added later.

Summer of Heroes Tap Battle will last a month, ending on 10 August.

July & August Event Calendar:

Summoning Focuses:

  • New Power: 17 ~ 26 Jul
  • New Heroes: 20 Jul ~ 9 Aug
  • Bound Hero Battle: 22 ~ 28 Jul
  • Heroes with Distant Defense: 27 Jul ~ 6 Aug
  • Legendary Hero Event: 31 Jul ~ 6 Aug
  • Heroes with Fighter Skills: 7 ~ 15 Aug
  • Special Heroes: 10 Aug ~ 6 Sep

Special Maps & Events:

  • Illusory Dungeon: 11 Jul ~ 10 Aug
  • Bound Hero Battle Revival: Raven & Lucius: 12 ~ 21 Jul
  • Tempest Trials+: Sweet Dreams: 15 ~ 24 Jul
  • Bound Hero Battle: Leo & Elise: 22 ~ 28 Jul
  • Grand Hero Battle: 29 Jul ~ 5 Aug
  • Legendary Hero Battle: 31 Jul ~ 6 Aug
  • Grand Conquests: 1 ~ 6 Aug
  • Grand Hero Battle Revival: Takumi Empty Vessel: 6 ~ 12 Aug

New Quests:

  • Arena Quests: 25 Jul ~ 7 Aug
  • Three Heroes: 5 ~ 18 Aug

Log-in Bonuses:

  • Tempest Trials+ Bonus: 13 ~ 24 Jul
  • New Heroes Bonus: 20 Jul ~ 3 Aug
  • Special Heroes Bonus: 10 ~ 24 Aug

Special Promos:

  • August Special Orb Promo: 10 ~ 23 Aug
About the Author: Michael Freeman
  • 100%B-Type

    Three Heroes are always nice~

  • mrkisukes

    We getting another seasonal banner this summer in August? It’s not the CYL banner since “Special” refers to units that aren’t added to the regular summoning pool. So unless this year’s CYL are limited, which I highly doubt, IS is keeping CYL a secret until it’s time and we’re going to get more seasonal alts. Will they be more summer alts or something like the Performance Banner?

    • 100%B-Type

      I would not mind another Summer-Banner~ Preparing for CYL2, this new special heroes banner must have something cool just to reveal CYL2 afterwards. Maybe Green Bow Midori or Darkmage Micaiah or a TMS#…maybe not yet.

      • mrkisukes

        Seeing as the current summer banners feature Shadow Dragon, Sacred Stones, Awakening, and Fates, I think that a hypothetical 3rd summer banner should include Genealogy (since hasn’t gotten alts yet) and the Telius games (only 1 alt discounting Ike). I don’t really have any personal preference who outside of perhaps Titania getting an seasonal alt after what they did to her with Draconic Poleaxe.

        I would definitely not want anyone from FE7 getting anymore alts for a while seeing as the game has been quite heavy with FE7 for while now. Come next year, I wouldn’t mind seeing FE7 characters get summer alts, Pent and Louise would be my personal picks.

        • Kneekicker

          Some SoV and Binding Blade characters would be nice too, because it’s been a while since we’ve gotten any. As I recall, there haven’t been any of them since the start of Book II barring Fallen Celica and Valentines Roy and Lilina.

  • Broba Fett

    Only one New Heroes summing event :/ yikes, guess I’m saving some more orbs then. These alt banners are killing my interest in the game. I will never forgive IS if they don’t add every FE character in to the game because they were too busy spamming alts at us.

    • Jesus Ojeda

      Realistically speaking, they can’t add every character. They must stick to the popular/profitable characters and add one or two “niche” favorites for good measure. There are a bunch of forgettable and unremarkable characters in the series, of which only the newest ones might appear in the game if they have “meme status” (like Dorkas).