Heroes: Voting Gauntlet: The Chosen Ones!

Another new event has just begin in Fire Emblem Heroes! Support your favourite Brave Hero as part of Voting Gauntlet: The Chosen Ones.

This Voting Gauntlet pits all eight heroes from both Choose Your Legends events in head-to-head battles for dominance. Who will you be supporting? Take a look at the bracket below:

During each round, you’ll be able to complete various quests as well! Complete battles in the Gauntlet and Training Tower for Battle Flags and also Orbs and other goodies. These quests refresh with each round, so make sure to complete them in time!

Voting Gauntlet: The Chosen Ones Round 1 just started and will end on 7 September at 3:59am UTC. The entire Gauntlet will come to a close on 11 September.

About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor