Heroes: Forging Bonds: High Tea Jinx Now Live!

A new event has just arrived in Fire Emblem Heroes! Equip your finest accessories and head to the Events menu for Forging Bonds: High Tea Jinx.

Flora, Silas, Ophelia, and Nina want to show their appreciation for the Order of Heroes. To this end, Flora has decided to go on a quest to obtain a very unique item…

The main page of the event has been updated a bit since last time. Now, Heroes players will be able to earn two Orbs the first seven days they play the event. The Orb checkboxes on the bottom show how many Orbs you have left to earn!

Additionally, the top part of the screen shows the current bonus colour and multiplier, while the middle shows the bonus accessories. Make sure to equip your team for an additional Friendship multiplier! If you didn’t earn the EX accessories from the last Forging Bonds, you can also earn up the new accessories for this event.

The rewards are the same as previous events, starting with C conversations and working all the way up to S. You can also earn lots of Hero Feathers along the way. Earn 3,500 Friendship for each hero to get up to four Orbs, too! Click on “Check Rewards” at any point during the event to see your progress.

Forging Bonds: High Tea Jinx will run for about two weeks, ending on 2 October. Good luck and have fun earning lots of Friendship with all the new heroes!

About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor