Heroes: July & August 2019 Event Calendar!

Yesterday’s reset in Fire Emblem Heroes brought us the last event listed in the previous calendar. However, Feh doesn’t want to leave us waiting too long for news; the July & August 2019 Event Calendar is already here! Check it out:

There are a few exciting things coming up soon, it looks like. First up is a mysterious Aether Raids Event which will start on 22 July. We’ll also be getting some New Heroes and Forging Bonds on the same day, and then again just a couple weeks later on 7 August!

Additionally, a new Mythic Hero will be arriving at the end of the month! We’ll also be getting one final new character with the unnamed Grand Hero Battle beginning on 3 August.

Other highlights include other events, such as: a new Bound Hero Battle featuring both Morgans, Røkkr Sieges, Voting Gauntlet, new Quests, Grand Conquests, lots of summoning banners, and more. You can see a full text breakdown below the “Read More” link below.

Last up, a new Tactics Drills: Skill Studies is now available! Beat it to earn yourself 300 Hero Feathers.

July & August 2019 Event Calendar
Week of 8~13 July
  • Tempest Trials+: Lessons Learned: 12 July
Week of 14~20 July
  • Bound Hero Battle & Banner: Morgan & Morgan: 14 July
  • Banner for Heroes with New Power: 15 July
    • Available Heroes: Luke, Roderick, Matthew, and Raigh
  • Røkkr Sieges: 16 July
  • Coliseum Quests: 18 July
Week of 21~27 July
  • Banner & Log-In Bonus for New Heroes: 22 July
  • Forging Bonds: 22 July
  • Aether Raids Event!: 22 July
  • Bound Hero Battle Revival: Klein & Clarine: 24 July
  • Tap Battle: Illusory Dunegon: 25 July
  • Grand Conquests: 26 July
  • Banner for Heroes with Close Def Skills: 27 July
    • Available Heroes: Brave Ephraim, Sumia, Sigurd, and Velouria
Week of 28 July ~ 3 August
  • Voting Gauntlet Log-In Bonus (and Banner?): 28 July
  • Banner and Battle for new Mythic Hero: 31 July
  • Voting Gauntlet: 1 August
  • Grand Hero Battle: 3 August
Week of 4~10 August
  • Banner for Heroes with Savage Blow: 5 August
    • Available Heroes: Camilla, Leo, Rhajat
  • Dark Blessing Quests: 6 August
  • Banner & Log-In Bonus for New Heroes: 7 August
  • Forging Bonds: 7 August
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