Heroes: Mythic Hero Sothis, Incoming July 31 – Aug 6. Brings Male Byleth Into Summoning Pool

If you’ve paid any attention at all to Fire Emblem Three Houses, you’ll likely be aware of the eponymous girl on the throne that appeared in many trailers, as well as in the game itself. Forgive the spoilers, but that girl just so happens to be Sothis: Girl on the Throne, aka the next Mythic Hero joining the fray.

For the Japanese trailer, click here.

Sothis comes in as a red Resistance-blessed Dark Mythic Hero, and with her, an interesting batch of new skills. Given how [F]Byleth’s Ruptured Sky special was inheritable, it’s entirely possible that her new special, Sirius, is inheritable as well. This pairs nicely with what appears to be a very speedy build, as it scales damage off of speed, and has a lightning fast cooldown of 2.

Sothis of course brings friends with her, as this is a Mythic Hero Banner, and includes its standard 8% limited summoning condition on all included. The batch this time features:

  • Blue
    • Azura (Legendary)
    • Fjorm
    • Ryoma (Hot Springs)
  • Colorless
    • Alm (Legendary)
    • Caineghis
    • Eir
  • Green
    • Lyn (Legendary)
    • Greil
    • Hector (Legendary)
  • Red
    • Marth (Legendary)
    • [Male] Byleth

Finally, Sothis drops on July 31 (the day after tomorrow) and runs for one week, until August 6. Good luck, Summoners!

For more details on Sothis’ skills, click Read More.

Edit – Listed Sothis as a Defense-boosting Anima hero. She is a Resistance-boosting Dark bless hero.

Sothis: Girl on the Throne, a Red Dragon Infantry

Voice: Cassandra Lee Morris | Art: Maiponpon

  • Sublime Surge
    • 16 Mt | 1 Rng
    • Neutralizes “effective against dragons” bonuses. Unit can counterattack regardless of foe’s range. If foe’s Range = 2, calculates damage using the lower of foe’s Def or Res.
  • Sirius [2] (Special)
    • Boosts damage by 30% of unit’s Spd. Restores HP = 30% of damage dealt.
  • Atk/Spd Solo 3 (A)
  • Wrath 3 (B)
  • Time’s Pulse 3 (C)
    • At start of turn, if Special cooldown count is at its maximum value, grants Special cooldown count -1.


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  • RedEyedDrake 216

    “Defense anima hero”? No, paying attention makes it clear that Sothis is a resistance boosting dark hero. Also, every single legendary and mythic hero comes with at least two uninheritable skills, one of which is their weapon. So no, Sirius isn’t inheritable. If it is then what would Sothis’ other unique skill be, exactly?

    • Mason Klaus

      If Sirius is inheritable then it’s got to be Time’s Pulse 3 since thats just a better Quicken Pulse due to it being every turn as opposed to QP’s first turn only. I really do hope it’s TP or at the very least it’s not inheritable by cav units as this skill would make Reinhardt broken again.

      • RedEyedDrake 216

        …Time Pulse 3 has a “3” in its name. Why in the world wouldn’t it be inheritable?

        • Mason Klaus

          Well minus the number next to it, the name alone should tell the rest. You know? I mean I have no way of knowing if it is or not, no one does really, but if it is then lets just hope it’s NOT inheritable by cav characters cause there are like two characters at least that come to mind that with this skill can be really really annoying to deal with if it is inheritable by all.

    • Thank you for spotting that! I rushed this one out after being out after a long day and somehow completely misread the blessing icons.

  • Mason Klaus

    Sweet! Got another chance at getting L!Lyn as well as a lot of others. This is a good banner for those looking to +10 some characters or get ones they don’t have yet. Honestly for me personally the only ones I don’t care about are HS!Ryoma and L!Azura, the others I will gladly take.