Heroes: Two New Summoning Banners!

Another Sunday brings us two new summoning banners in Fire Emblem Heroes! First up, the latest Weekly Revival Banner contains Tana, Luke, and Hector, and also sports a 4% focus rate! We also have a new skill-based banner, Heroes with Desperation, containing 5★ focus units for Mae, Ayra, and Karel.

The weekly banner, as you might expect, will disappear next Sunday. The Desperation banner will last a bit longer, ending on 11 September.

Additionally, it’s also the first day of a new month, and that means new monthly quests! Dive into the latest September Quests at your convenience.

About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor
  • Went in with 320 orbs to secure me more copies of Tana, and some 4* Tate in the process. Well, I got one of the former, and not a single Tate. I also got two Kliff in the same session, Olwen, Morgan, and Hector. Overall rather shit results.