Heroes: Tempest Trials+ now live!

Today we see the beginning of a new Tempest Trials+: Till Song’s End, and with it comes our second free magic dancer!

You can pick up the usual rewards of Orbs, Feathers, Sacred Coins, etc. alongside Rinea: Reminiscent Belle (a blue tome refresher) and two new Sacred Seals: Def/Res Bond and Atk Feint.

The event will begin today and will last until the 20th of September, 6:59am UTC.

Yesterday we also saw the revival of the Panne Grand Hero Battle.

You can complete the accompanying quests to unlock a free copy of Panne alon with four Orbs. Players who have yet to challenge the GHB can also earn themselves the initial three copies by defeating each difficulty for the first time. The GHB Revival will come to a close on the 15th of September, 6:59am UTC.

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