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Heroes: Fallen Delthea’s Grand Hero Battle

Starting today, a sinister and familiar foe awaits in Heroes: Delthea – Tatarrah’s Puppet.

This possessed version of Delthea can be challenged in a new set of Grand Hero Battles via Special Maps.

She carries an exclusive tome, Death, which boosts her combat stats by 4 and inflicts 4 damage to herself. Plus Death Blow 3 (unlocked at 5-star) and Even Atk Wave 3.

No matter how you spin it, she’s a potent force and well worth recruiting. But be careful where you point this killing machine…

You have until the rollover on 20th May to try and tame her.

Heroes: Aversa GHB Re-Run and Infantry Rival Domains Active Now

Summoners! If you have been waiting for another chance to score a free Aversa for that coveted Aversa’s Night Aether Raids merge project, now’s your chance.

Enjoy her return, with rewards, in the Grand Hero Battle Revival – Aversa: Dark One turnabout, active from today, until May 12.

Additionally, an Infantry focused Rival Domains round has returned, available until May 11.

Finally, it’s Nino vs Tiki in the Finals for the Children’s Day Voting Gauntlet event. Good luck securing some rewards!

Heroes: Haar GHB is here, and April Event Calendar released!

You probably expected a Laguz Grand Hero Battle to run alongside the four Laguz in the recently released banner, but it was Haar all along!

From today until the 18th of April, 6:59am UTC, you can earn yourself up to three copies of Haar: Black Tempest (1 x 3-star, 2 x 4-star) and 2,000 Feathers by completing all available difficulties (Hard, Lunatic, Infernal) of this GHB.

Haar himself is another Axe Flier similar to the likes of Gerome and Cherche. His stats and abilities are:

Stats at 5-Star Level 40: HP: 45, Atk: 37, Spd: 25, Def: 36, Res: 18.

Weapon: Brave Axe+
Assist: Swap
B-skill: Guard 3
C-skill: Odd Def Wave 3 (available at 4-star rarity)

Also released today is the event calendar for the next month!

Click the image below to see a larger version.

Click on “Read more” to view a text version of the calendar.

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Heroes: Garon Grand Hero Battle Revival!


My best Garon impression aside, today we see a revival of the Garon: King of Nohr Grand Hero Battle.

If this is your first run-in with the red infantry dragon-type, you will earn yourself a 3-star copy, and two 4-star copies by completing all three difficulties (Hard, Lunatic, Infernal), along with 2,000 Feathers.

Everyone will also get the chance to obtain a 3-star copy of Garon and 4 Orbs by completing the quests. So that’s four copies of Garon in total.

The GHB Revival is available from today, and will close on the 11th of April, 6:59am UTC.