Cipher S21 Weekly Recap: Hilda SR revealed, online shop open, and full art previews!

Welcome to a new installment of our weekly recap series of Series 21 of Fire Emblem Cipher, the Japanese trading card game. Launching as a new booster dubbed Tempest of Apocalyptic Flame, this set features characters from Three HousesThe Binding BladeThe Blazing Blade, and Heroes.

In the weeks leading up to its June 25th release, the official Twitter account, @FEcipher, is revealing the latest cards each weekday, and we’ll be looking over them together as an overview of what’s to come!

But first, in case you missed it, this past weekend gave us a formal introduction to a selection of cards previously unveiled during the most recent livestream. Try your luck in pulling from the new booster these Super Rare (Plus) cards of YuriEliwoodPeonyDimitri, or Claude.

The first day introduced a card of Edelgard from Three Houses, this time as a Fortress Knight in form of a Rare card. Just as Dimitri and Claude made brief appearances as promoted classes in a previous Cipher booster focused on the Black Eagles, Edelgard follows suit in this one. And a heavy suit at that!

Next, we got a look at new cards of Lucius from The Blazing Blade. Lucius is a character with a deep connection to another person named Raven (seen in the artwork of the second card), who is also known to be making his own appearance this set. It’s just another example of the care Cipher puts into not just representing individual characters, but the bonds between them too.

Following that, we were shown new cards of Fir from The Binding Blade, one of which is another Rare card for the set. In the footsteps of her mother Karla the Sword Vassal, Fir follows the path of the sword and embarks on a journey which intertwines with Roy’s, exposing her to many experiences and challengers.

Afterwards, new cards were revealed of Constance from Three Houses. One of the Ashen Wolves, she uses her talent for magic in hopes of restoring the lost House Nuvelle to its former glory. Cipher is quick to include her timeskip appearance as well.

Lastly, new cards of Hilda from Three Houses were showcased, one being a Super Rare card. In this reappearance of the card game (previously showing up in Series 18), Hilda now adopts a flier’s intuition, promoting into a mighty Wyvern Lord. Both cards are illustrated by artist Tetsu Kurosawa.

In case you missed it, as previously announced in the latest livestream, Intelligent Systems has expanded its official online store with various Cipher merchandise earlier this week. If you want the full rundown of what’s up for sale, be sure to check out our in-depth overlook of its catalog.

As an extra bonus to cap off our week, please enjoy this selection of full artworks of various booster cards which have been officially released ahead of the launch through retailer social media. We would like to thank @Akibagrapan on Twitter through which we found them!

To see even more artworks of the upcoming booster cards, keep an eye out for each individual artists’ personal social media on or around the June 25th release.

Feel free to visit our forums to talk about Cipher if you have any questions or are looking to share your love for the card game!

Fire Emblem Cipher’s next booster expansion set, Tempest of Apocalyptic Flame, will be available from Japan starting June 25th!

This update is part of the grand finale for Cipher, as it was previously discussed that 2020 will be the final year of new product releases. We will be sticking to the very end to follow what’s new with the trading card game and hope you will join us too!

About the Author: Prince of Iris
A longtime Fire Emblem fan with a passion to make things better for everyone. Enjoys playing the FE Cipher TCG and having his favorite units in FE Heroes inherit every skill he can get his hands on.