Merchandise: 3rd Wave of Three Houses x SuperGroupies

For the third year in a row, SuperGroupies, which sells high-end fashion items based on popular culture is releasing another set of new Three Houses-related gear.

On this occasion, there are new jackets and watches inspired by Byleth and the three houses, plus–for the first time–the Ashen Wolves. For more details and buying/shipping options, please refer to their website.

Pre-orders are available until 11th October 2021. Jackets will be shipped January 2022, while watches will be shipped February 2022.

Byleth Coat – 27,500 Yen (w/ tax)

Inspired by Byleth’s cloak, these coats are made with a wool blend. Available in two designs, based on male Byleth (left) or female Byleth (right). Also comes with a brooch pin modeled after Byleth’s ring.

Four Houses Jacket – 22,000 Yen (w/ tax)

Available in four designs, based on each of the main three houses, plus the hidden fourth house. The buttons on these snazzy jackets are engraved with the flag of the respective house.

Four Houses Watch – 25,080* Yen (w/ tax)

These sleek watches are available in four designs, again based on the in-game houses. The dial of the watch features the map of Fodlan, together with the relevant country’s flag (or the forgotten crests). At the 12 o’clock position, there’s a Swarovski crystal, with the house’s colour.

On the back side of the watch, there’s an etching of the house flag. Also, the crown has an etching of the Crest of Flames. Additionally, there’s a set of different coloured bezels and straps, with the colours of the students (the House leader represented twice).

Note: The Ashen Wolves watch is priced at 21,780 Yen instead, since it has less bezels/straps (and presumably a smaller case).

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