Heroes: Book VI Begins with Ash & Awakening Latecomers!

Following the Book VI Feh Channel, the trailer for the “Ash and More” banner, which begins on 7th December 2021 (UTC), is now here.

Note: You can check out the Japanese version of this trailer here.

The featured Heroes in the banner are: Priam, Flavia and Basilio from Awakening, plus the new Book IV Mythic Ash. As explained in the Feh Channel, Miriel can be obtained via quests and Yen’fay will debut in a Grand Hero Battle.

Please continue for a breakdown of the Heroes from the trailer!

Priam: Radiant Hero

Type: Red Sword Infantry
Voice: Taylor Henry
Artist: maCo

Weapon: Ancient Ragnell – Grants Def +3. Unit can counterattack regardless of foe’s range. At start of combat, if unit’s HP >= 50% or [Bonus] is active on unit, inflicts Atk/Def -6 on foe during combat.
Special: Sol
A: Atk/Def Ideal 4
B: Null Follow-Up 3
C: Rouse Spd/Def 4 – At start of turn, if unit is not adjacent to an ally, grants Spd/Def +6 and [Null Panic] to unit for 1 turn.

Flavia: Feroxi East-Khan

Type: Red Sword Infantry
Voice: Tara Platt
Artist: Yoneko

Weapon: Lioness Blade – Accelerates Special trigger (cooldown count-1)
At start of combat, if unit’s HP >= 25%, grants Atk/Spd +6 during combat, and if Special triggers (excluding area-of-effect Specials), disables non-Special skills that “reduce damage by X%”.
At start of combat, if unit’s HP >= 25% and if foe’s HP >= 75%, grants Special cooldown charge +1 per unit’s attack during combat. (Only highest value applied. Does not stack.)
Special: Draconic Aura
A: Atk/Spd Push 4
C: Red Feud 3 – If in combat against a red foe, disables skills of all foes, excluding foe in combat, and inflicts Atk/Spd/Def/Res -4 on foe during combat. During combat, disables skills of all red foes, excluding foe in combat.

Basilio: Feroxi West-Khan

Type: Green Axe Infantry
Voice: Patrick Seitz
Artist: so-taro

Weapon: Spirited Axe+ – If [Bonus] is active on unit, grants Atk/Def +4 and Special cooldown charge +1 per foe’s attack during combat. (Only highest value applied. Does not stack. Special cooldown charge granted even if foe’s attack deals 0 damage.)
Special: Moonbow
A: Atk/Def Bond 3
C: Atk Tactic 3

* Also available as part of the 4-star focus.

Ash: Retainer to Askr

Type: Colorless Beast Infantry
Voice: Lily Emil Lammers
Artist: Kozaki Yusuke
Bonus: Light (Attack; adds extra deployment slot for Aether Raids and Mjölnir’s Strike)

Weapon: Horn of Opening – Accelerates Special trigger (cooldown count -1).
If unit is within 3 spaces of an ally, grants Atk +6 to unit during combat and inflicts Atk -6 on foe during combat. Grants the following effects based on the number of allies within 3 spaces: >= 2 allies, unit makes a guaranteed follow-up attack; >= 3 allies, foe cannot make a follow-up attack.
At start of turn, if unit is adjacent to only beast or dragon allies or if unit is not adjacent to any ally, unit transforms (otherwise, unit reverts). If unit transforms, grants Atk +2, deals +7 damage when Special triggers, and neutralizes effects that grant “Special cooldown charge +X” to foe or inflicts “Special cooldown charge -X” on unit.
Special: Bonfire
A: Atk/Def Unity
B: Lull Atk/Def 3
C: Opening Retainer – Allies within 2 spaces can move to a space within 2 spaces of unit.
Grants Atk +4 to allies within 2 spaces during combat. If unit is within 2 spaces of an ally, grants Atk +4 to unit during combat.

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