Heroes: Feh Channel shares details on Book VI, Version Update, new Awakening Units coming soon, Live PVP Dueling and more!

As always, we can expect a Feh Channel around the holiday season. This year is no different, as we’re graced with one today, showcasing quite a bit of upcoming info for the next Book. Heck, this time, we got four videos! Let’s check ’em out in the order in which they were released, shall we?

For the Japanese trailer, click here.

First up, we have the Feh Channel itself. It kicks off with the standard introduction, but then carries quickly into the introductory Book IV Movie. It starts off with a (for lack of better terms), Cow Laguz, (Ash) falling from the sky and into the Summoner’s arms on land, before engaging in combat with a horde of bats summoned by a mystery villain (Elm), who takes his frustrations out on us and our new friend, as well as Alfonse and also Veronica. We also meet a third new character (), who seems magically powerful in her own right, casting a cataclysmic spell before our heroes, before the video comes to its conclusion.

Ash is introduced as the retainer to the god Askr; meanwhile Elm is introduced as the retainer to the god Embla, and finally, we learn of Letizia, Veronica’s older sister who is in succession to the royal family, but farther below Veronica. Surely, you’ve heard of the trope before, in which succession is accelerated through murder within the royal family. I suspect the plot will cover this for a good while, which is nice for me, as I’m a fan of Veronica as a character, and feel she could use her day in the spotlight.

Book VI kicks off in about 24 hours, and with the version update, we also see Elm as the face of the App’s new logo. Furthermore, all players will receive a free 5* Ash: Retainer to Askr (a Colorless Beast Infantry unit, and also, a Light Mythic hero), for completing Chapter 1 of Book VI. Her skills and stats are hinted at in this Feh Channel, but she’ll be available in the upcoming Awakening unit banner, so I’ll cover those details in that post.

To celebrate Book VI kicking off, we also have two weeks of player perks coming our way, featuring:

  • Log-in Bonus
    • For 10 days, a combined 120 Dragon Flowers (of all 4 types) can be earned, as well as 1,200 Divine Scroll #2.
  • Double EXP and SP
  • Quests
    • For the entire two weeks, a combined total of 3 Orbs, 1,200 Hero Feathers, 60 Heroic Grails, 120 Sacred Coins, 1,800 Divine Scroll #2, 60 of each Dragon Flower, and more, can be earned.
  • Aether Raids Quests
    • Limited time Aether Stones can be earned, to trade in for these 3 effect-less Buildings.
  • Book VI Castle Design
    • Not since Three Houses have we had a castle redesign available, but we now have an Emblian-themed Castle available.

After the Book VI details, we’re greeted with information on the upcoming Awakening units feature for the Heroes: Ash and More banner. The units included in here, aside from Ash, are Awakening’s Priam: Radiant Hero, Basilio: Feroxi West-Khan, and Flavia: Feroxi East-Khan.

Miriel: Rapier Intellect will have two 5* copies available similarly to Vyland (via quest completion), and the Grand Hero Battle reward unit, Yen’fay: Blade Legend will also come in two 4* copies and one 3* copy.

Quite possibly the biggest announcement in this Feh Channel is the introduction of Summoner Duels, a live player-vs-player activity, in which two players actually duel against each other (as compared to Arena and Aether Raids, in which enemy units are on auto-pilot).

We actually got a video, commented by Magic is Everything Reinhardt, fully detailing the fundamentals of how to approach Dueling, along with a sample duel using pretty well built units. It’s about 17 minutes long, but worth a watch if you don’t quite grasp how this mode works.

In the Coliseum, select Summoner Duels, and from here, build your 5-person team. Each team will include a Captain unit, and four others. The Captain unit, can be equipped with a mode-specific Captain Skill, which is a skill that will grant buffs to your team, debuffs to your foe(s), and/or adjustments to the battle map based on the assigned skill. These skills will be switched out periodically. Select Favor Battles to proceed into a battle against a real player.

Battles last for 5 turns, and the victor is decided by either a wipe, or by a point system. Players will have 30 seconds to submit their unit movement and action before the other player is up for their turn. Each player goes back and fourth moving their units one at a time, much like in a game of chess.

In the upper-left corner, you’ll see a grid with Red/Blue gems, and a 1/5. While the 1/5 refers to team “turns”, each “Turn” is dictacted once each player takes up to 6 actions. indicated by the colored gems darkening during an action. Your score increases based on each kill, and also, based on on how many units at the end of a turn are within the white area.

Additional actions from uses of skills like Galeforce or Duo/Harmonized skills, count towards your 6 actions. You can therefore, only use an action granted by Galeforce or Duo/Harmonized skills, up to the number of 6 total.

In Favor battles, your Favor levels increase for your Captain even if you lose, and you receive rewards based on the highest level of Favor you’ve accumulated over time. These rewards include Dragon Flowers, Divine Scrolls, a Forma Soul, Heroic Grails, Divine Dew and Sacred Coins (as well as an accessory).

There are also Practice Duels, letting you play against an AI opponent and practice on maps, while Free Duel lets you customize map rules (adjusted turn time limits, map selection, and/or disabling merges and supports) against a player of your choice, by communicating with a password system. Neither of these grant Favor, and therefore, do not give rewards of any kind, other than bragging rights.

Next up, are details on the Version Update, which was released while putting together this article. The Version Update shares information that Summoners can build themselves a Profile Card, much like in Fire Emblem Fates. This Profile Card will be visible off of Friends Lists.

Each Profile Card can have a descriptor set for:

  • Basic information
    • Your Name, your Arena Tier, your earned Golden Thrones, and even the amount of Heroes you have
  • Your Home Base
    • Referring to region such as Askr, Embla, Hel, or even listing it as Secret
  • Your Play Style
    • Referring to options such as Beginner, Conventional, Carefree, Hardcore, Emblemier or again, leaving it as secret.
  • a Background, to appear behind your three Favored Heroes
    • Themed after each region
    • This will show your total Heroes in your barracks
  • a Frame and Color for your card

The Edit Teams’ Sort and Filter options have been updated, to include Version and Duo/Harmonized heroes as options. Each unit will be listed as say, 2.2, in which it corresponds to a unit being released in Version 2, during the 2nd month of the year (February). Additionally, units can be filtered by Release version, and if they’re a Legendary/Mythic/Duo/Harmonized Hero, or if they possess a Dance skill.

Finally, the Version Update includes details on the new unit’s refines for Walhart, Summer!Tiki, Thorr, Nailah and Libra. While I would detail them here, please take reference to PhoenixMaster1’s post on Reddit, which shows all of these and also has a hefty discussion already building.

That’s all, Summoners! Details on the upcoming Ash and Awakening units will be covered in a future post.

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