Vestaria Saga I Remake in the Works

Late in 2021, S_Kaga showcased a remake of Vestaria Saga Gaiden, which would be renumbered Vestaria Saga II. Afterwards, it was revealed that the English release of Vestaria Saga Gaiden would be based on the remake.

(Screenshot belongs to S_Kaga and Vestaria Project.)

Today, S_Kaga announced that his team is also remaking the original Vestaria Saga I, in a similar manner. He mentions that the next game (III) is still in the preparation stages because he’s lacking motivation for the scenario due to various reasons. So right now, he’s focusing on this instead.

With the help of an excellent programmer, he says that progress on the game systems is going well. Although it’s a remake, a lot of effort is still required. So the expected release date is Fall by the latest. They will also use this as a springboard towards the trilogy finale…

The remake will introduce new elements (rules) besides the controls and layout. The main changes include:

  1. Evaluation points: Starts at 100, but decreases each time you perform an in-game Load (for advanced players).
  2. Shield items: Automatically triggers when necessary, reducing its durability.
  3. Saviour-type skill(s): Functions like in Berwick Saga.
  4. Lance: Functions like in Berwick Saga (boosted by distance).
  5. Limited number of shop purchases (Note: I’m unsure about this one; it’s hard to interpret with minimal context.)
  6. Many special attack skills that can be used before moving (consumes HP).
  7. RNG is fixed.
  8. Items for provoking foes.
  9. Separate physical/magical damage for defensive skills like Magic Shield and Axe Defence.

So far, adjustments have been made up to Chapter 7 or so. Overall, Mr Kaga seems pleased with things, commenting that the strategy aspect has been improved considerably.

Currently it’s not known how this remake will affect the existing English release of Vestaria Saga I.

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