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Vestaria Saga I English Translation Planned for Summer + Gaiden Details

Since last year, it’s been relatively quiet on the Vestaria front. A few days ago, the Twitter account for the Vestaria series revealed that the official English translation of Vestaria Saga I is planning to release this Summer.

The tentative title screen for Zeid’s Gaiden. It’s quite popular already!

Note: All images belong to S_Kaga and Vestaria Project.

In addition, progress towards the two Gaiden games is going smoothly. Originally, Zeid’s Gaiden, “Silverbirch’s Sacred Sword”, was also planned for a Summer release. However, there has been a lot more work than anticipated, so it’s expected to slip into 2019.

While we’re waiting, here’s some information related to Zeid’s Gaiden that S_Kaga shared with us around late 2017.

Karajan is one of many disposable characters.

Firstly, there will be “disposable characters” introduced into the game. Previously, many SRPGs (including Vestaria) have a heavy focus on characters, which can make them awkward to play as players are often forced to reset when a valuable character dies.

This time, playable characters will be divided into normal characters (the returning characters from Vestaria Saga I + new important characters) and disposable characters. Disposable characters can be identified by a personal skill (seemingly an exclamation mark).

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First Look at Shouzou Kaga’s Indie Game

Back in May, Shouzou Kaga–the creator of Fire Emblem–announced that he was developing an indie strategy RPG using the SRPG Studio software, which he would release for free once complete.


At the time, Kaga mentioned that he would post updates about his game on his blog should significant progress be made–and it seems his project is going relatively smoothly as the first update is now available.

The game itself is currently known as “Vestaria Saga: The Seven Sacred Rings“. The name, along with the logo, is very reminiscent of Kaga’s first independently-developed title, TearRing Saga.

Not just that, but the game seems to be based on one of Kaga’s earlier prototypes, “Vestaria Chronicle 687-693”, which he discussed in February. Even the world map looks the same.

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Shouzou Kaga developing indie game with SRPG Studio

Shouzou Kaga, the creator of Fire Emblem, has been rather quiet since making his last game, Berwick Saga, 10 years ago. Although things could be changing very soon.

SRPG Studio (copyright SapphireSoft)

SRPG Studio (copyright SapphireSoft)

On his purported blog, Kaga is recruiting volunteers to assist with an indie game to be developed with SRPG Studio, a recently-released Japanese game-making tool published by SapphireSoft that allows creation of strategy RPGs like Fire Emblem..

Unsurprisingly, Kaga’s blog is entirely in Japanese, but fortunately a traveling elder has deigned to translate the relevant post here. You can also find discussions on our forums. Special thanks to Arch for keeping me posted with Kaga’s movements.

Update: Kaga mentions that he has found enough helpers and is no longer seeking assistance. He thanks everyone for co-operating and warns that he will remove his recruitment post soon.

The rest of this article summarises Kaga’s post and provides some background information.

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