Fire Emblem Engage: Lumiere & Veyre Tidbits via Twitter

Ooh, we have some more Fire Emblem Engage tidbits already.

First, a quick introduction of Lythos:

The Land of Lythos is ruled by Alear’s mother, Lumiere, the Divine Dragon King. Located in the centre of Elyos, it’s a sacred realm with sunny grasslands and a refreshing breeze across the calm plateau. Alear slept at one of Lythos’s floating isles for 1000 years.

Yup, that matches with where Lythos would be in the tapestry. You could also see the same castle in the background when Alear encounters a Divine Dragon. Anyway, I’m assuming that bit of land to the far left, connected by the bridge is the “floating isle” where Alear slept. Or is the entire landmass floating?

Next, a profile for Lumiere:

Lumiere (VA: Kotono Mitsuishi) is Alear’s mother, the ruler of the Divine Dragons that govern the Land of Lythos. She’s a hero who saved the continent by cooperating with humans during the conflict with the Fell Dragon 1000 years ago.

Here’s a video where Alear meets her:

The pieces are coming together. During the previous trailer analysis, I was wondering why a Divine Dragon was shooting a beam towards the direction of Alear. So one of my guesses was correct: she was aiming at enemies behind Alear.

Also it’s nice that we get to see Lumiere early on. Presumably this is after the first map (that we know of), when Alear joins forces with Vander, Framme and Cramme and, at some point, summons Marth for the first time. It seems they’re following the trope of “more enemies, even after the fight.”

Surprisingly, here’s another profile:

Veyre (VA: Reina Ueda) is a mysterious girl who suddenly appeared in front of Alear, rescuing them when they were ambushed by a Corrupted. It seems she’s traveling in search of someone.

For the record, her name can also be read as “Veil”, which kind of fits her mysterious theme. But since a lot of names appear to be French, I went with “Veyre”, which is a tributary of a French river. That river also happens to be “Allier”, although I imagine it’s a coincidence since Alear’s Japanese name is “Lueur”.

Still, I am getting little sister vibes from her, for some reason… She kind of reminds me of Lilith from FE Fates.

Also, unlike previous characters, she doesn’t have an insignia in her profile, so we don’t know which nation she’s from.

Here’s Veyre’s first appearance:

You might recognise parts of this scene from the most recent trailer. Alear doesn’t notice there’s still a Corrupted and is about to be hit, when Veyre steps in by blasting the Corrupted with a fireball.

This occurs in Firene, the verdant nation, as evident by the flowers, windmills, etc.

I’m guessing this occurs at the end of one of the two Firenese maps that we know of–either the one with Louis and Chloé in the middle or the one with NPCs along the top.

From the trailer, we know she’s traveling in search of someone. Don’t tell me she’s searching for Alear, but doesn’t know what they’re like. I mean, Alear has been asleep/missing from the world for 1000 years. Nah, that’d be too ridiculous.

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