Fire Emblem Engage: Lapis & Tower of Trials Tidbits via Twitter

Today’s daily Fire Emblem Engage content includes Lapis’s profile, plus an introduction to the various game modes in the Tower of Trials.

Lapis’s profile:

Lapis (VA: Tomoyo Takayanagi) is a royal knight of Brodia, and Alcryst’s retainer. She’s good-natured and kind. Because she was trained to survive as a hunter, she’s stronger than most, despite her frail and delicate appearance.

A battle scene featuring Lapis:

Lapis is at the Brodian defence map, where Ivy makes her entrance, I believe.

She’s a Level 10 Sword Fighter. with an Iron Blade, Iron Sword and Vulnerary.

Allies include Amber (cut off lance cavalry), Diamant (sword, synced with Roy), Alfred (lance cavalry), Citrinne (tome), Clanne (tome), Alcryst (bow), Alear (sword), Céline (sword), Etie (bow) and Framme (body arts/staff). Oddly, the player hasn’t equipped Marth, Sigurd, Celica or Micaiah.

The foe is a poor Elusan Axe Pegasus. The Iron Blade triggers Smash because of its weapon effect and Break because of the weapon triangle.

A conversation between Lapis and Alear:

Alear: Lapis, you were a massive help in the previous fight. Thank you so much.

Lapis: Oh no, that’s completely untrue.

Lapis: It was all the result of your guidance, Divine One. There’s no reason to be thanking me.

Lapis: I’m happy to receive your praise, Divine One. But there are so many others that are more worthy.

Alear: I think you’re very strong and resourceful, Lapis. You should have more confidence in yourself.

Lapis: C-confidence, you say? That’s a luxury I can ill afford.

Lapis: I wasn’t born into nobility so even if I miraculously become a knight, there are extremely talented people everywhere.

Lapis: If I had confidence in spite of that, it’d be a terrifying thought!

Alear: I see you’re pretty hard on yourself, Lapis. I think that’s a good trait.

Alear: But, at the end of the day, other peoples’ talents have nothing to do with your own talents.

Next, some info on the Tower of Trials:

At the furthest end of the Somniel, the “Tower of Trials” is located, where you can challenge a variety of offline and online trials.

If you watched the Somniel trailer or read about it, they covered the Tower of Trials and most of its game modes already. Still, it doesn’t hurt to have a recap.

The first mode is Tempest Trials:

“Tempest Trials” (offline only) is a trial where you attempt consecutive maps. If you clear a set number of maps, you’ll receive materials as a reward, plus allies who participated will earn experience points.

If you’ve played Fire Emblem Heroes or know a bit about it, the name “Tempest Trials” should be familiar. In Heroes, it functions largely the same, where you’re tasked with completing consecutive maps.

The crystal rewards from Tempest Trials can be used to upgrade Engage weapons. You can also obtain them from Relay Trials.

Speaking of, the second mode is Relay Trials:

“Relay Trials” (online only) is a trial where you work co-operatively with other players, to attempt a single map, by taking turns like in a relay race.

This mode wasn’t featured in the Somniel trailer, but was covered in the latest website update, covered here.

Other than the footage and the blurb provided, there isn’t much info about this mode. What we do know is that it involves swapping control between multiple players.

On the map, there are two instances of Lyn and Ike, so it seems at least two players are on the same map.

When it changes over to the next player, you can leave a preset message for the next player. You can choose from various characters, including Lumera and Emblems.

Finally, there’s Outrealm Trials:

“Outrealm Trials” (online only) is a trial where you can place your units on a map you’ve created, upload your map and let your units automatically battle against other players’ units.

This mode is very similar to Aether Raids from FE Heroes or the My Castle invasions from FE Fates. You can edit a map by adding terrain parts, place units and set AI for them. Then you can upload your map for other players to challenge, or challenge other players’ maps.

The rewards seem to be gift items, so nothing too fancy. Although it seems you can maintain a Ranking, which makes me wonder if there could be Ranking based rewards? Hopefully not though…

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