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Three Hopes: Two New Screenshots via Amazon Japan

It’s been rather quiet on the Three Hopes front, so we appreciate any sliver of info we can get.

Recently, it was found that Amazon Japan added some new screenshots to the product listing for the digital version of Three Hopes.

Update: The new screenshots seem to have disappeared…

The first one depicts Mercedes and Dimitri dining together, seemingly with the new purple haired character (you can just about see his hair). Besides showing us Mercedes’s new look, which has proven popular among fans, it appears the dialogue will be slightly different compared to Three Houses.

Meanwhile, the second screenshot shows a map with the player presumably ordering their units around. Again, looking at the UI, it seems the mysterious purple haired guy will be on our side (at some point in time, anyway). Playable icons for Edelgard and (I think) Hubert are also visible.

That’s all for now. Hopefully we’ll get some more information soon~