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Heroes: Book VI Ending Movie, “Princess’ Pledge”

Following the conclusion of Book VI of Fire Emblem Heroes, the team have shared the ending movie for it.

We see Sharena and Veronica enjoying some pleasant tea time. I was half expecting a tease for the next book, but it’s nice to just relax sometimes.

Just in case, it was announced earlier that a scale figure of Book VI Veronica will be released during February 2024. It’s funny to think that, by that time, we should be in Book VIII of FE Heroes.

Heroes: Book V Ending Movie

The Fire Emblem Heroes team have released an ending movie for Book V, like the two books before it.

(For the Japanese version, please click here.)

In the video, presumably recorded just before the events of the final chapter of Book V, Eitri shares her thoughts with the Summoner. Fair warning: she doesn’t mince her words!

In other potentially related news, the next arena season will feature two Heroes yet to be revealed. Or is it one Hero with a really, really big hat?

Given the timing, these two Heroes should be a pair of Mythic Heroes introduced at the end of November. The most obvious guesses would be Eitri and Fafnir. Although, with her appearance in the latest Tempest Trials, Thórr could replace one of them.