Fire Emblem if Famitsu 4th June Leak: Fox Spirit joins the ranks

Quick, fetch the buckets! Famitsu is leaking again!

After Sunday’s Nintendo Direct megaton, it was uncertain if this week’s Famitsu would have much new to report about.

At this point… it’s still uncertain. While we wait for more details to leak (or the digital issue tomorrow), enjoy some new characters.


Nishiki (Fox Spirit) [Hoshido]

A fox spirit youth who lives in a remote region of Hoshido. Following his father’s footsteps, he acts as his clan’s leader and keeps his people in order.

Personal Skill [Gratitude] When an unit uses a healing staff on the user, that unit has their HP restored by half the same amount.

Note: A fox spirit (Yokou) is a creature from Japanese folklore known for tricking people with their shape-shifting abilities.

Whether Nishiki is more like Xane from Shadow Dragon (who can mimic allies) or the Laguz/Taguel (transforms into animals to attack) remains to be seen.

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Kazahana (Samurai) [Hoshido]

Well known as one of the best samurai in Hoshido. She is princess Sakura’s loyal subordinate and serves as her personal guard.

Personal Skill [???] When user’s attack KOs the enemy, all adjacent enemies have their HP reduced by 20% of their max HP.

Tsubaki (Pegasus Warrior) [Hoshido]

Fights astride a pegasus. Though his conduct suggests he’s a shallow man, he’s actually very demanding on himself.

Personal Skill [Perfectionist] When HP is full, Hit rate and Avoid +15


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Belka (Wyvern Rider) [Nohr]

A soldier who reports to Nohr’s princess Camilla. She is a favourite of Camilla who has a liking for “powerful girls”.

Personal Skill [Ambush Duty] When the user attacks an enemy who cannot counter-attack, damage increases by 4.

Luna (Mercenary) [Nohr]

Camilla’s subordinate, alongside Belka. Hates to lose and isn’t satisfied until she’s the best at everything.

Personal Skill [Competitive] When user is the rear unit, if the front unit triggers a critical hit, the user is guaranteed a critical hit (if their attack connects).

Note: Luna is voiced by Saori Seto, who also voiced Severa. Adding in the fact both characters are Mercenaries and look nigh identical, this surely cannot be a coincidence…

"Hubba" thinks Elise and Nyx will get along great.

“Hubba” thinks Elise and Nyx will get along great.

Nyx (Dark Mage) [Nohr]

Despite her youthful appearance, she has an incredibly grown up personality. She lives a quiet life in Nohr.

Personal Skill [???] When the user sustains damage from an enemy’s magic spell, the enemy also receives half of the same damage.

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  • Kujja

    that severa tho …
    they are rlly messing with my head man …xD

  • raitouniverse

    So Luna really is a character that exists, huh.

  • TheLastBattalion

    Well, I’m sure that we will get more info on them. I’m actually surprised that they made Luna look so much like Severa. ._.

    • DemonTamer

      Well, Severa was a really popular character… Also, with a really large cast of characters some similar characters can be expected. But yeah, I did not expected that much similarity. I love Kusuke Kozaki’s designs and style, but that is not his best. However, sometimes these kind of things happen because Executive Meddling, and in these projects artists must do what their employers ask. Either way, not that it ruins the game or something, at least not for me.

      • The DanMan

        Style I can agree on. Desgnwise is a whole different issue…
        Also, Severa overall isn’t that popular. I believe she placed 23rd in the Japanese vote.

        • DemonTamer

          I didn’t say that the style was an excuse.
          Oh, yes, you are right. Including all the cast, Severa was not that popular. So, my bets now are that some people in Intelligent Systems like her too much. As I said, it could be a case of just lazy design, but also lets take into account that the artists do not have total control of the designs, most of the time those things are requested or need approval. If they wanted a Severa’s clone, Kusuke Kozaki just did what they said (if that was really the case).

          • The DanMan

            It’s more than that. She has the same voice actress (who is hosting the 25th anniversary concert, FYI).
            IS is just pandering to the Awakening fans by making brazen clones of the popular child units, making the roster look bigger.

          • DemonTamer

            Pretty likely that she was planned like that since the beginning. However, lets wait for the entire rooster, if it is bigger than past Fire Emblems, a few clones would not be that much of an issue. But, if is not that big and there are a lot of clones, that would be lame.

          • The DanMan

            …We’re discussing roster size and clones.
            Yay. We’re the new Smash Bros. fandom.

          • DemonTamer

            Well, in my case this is not that important. Tactical RPG are my favorite kind of games. I am interested in the game as a whole, but the mechanics and the missions are my priority. Hehe, it seems that we are not going anywhere with this discussion. Lets end here.

    • Xyra

      Well, Severa is Selena in Japan but her name was changed in North America so she wouldn’t be confused with the character from Sacred Stones. Selena is a name relating to the moon, as is Luna. They both share the same class, and the same voice actor… this is definitely not coincidence and may be a Camus/Sirius situation minus the mask somehow. Or how Palla/Catria/Est have visited other nations together. Many of the children in Awakening implied that they could not go home to their own future but felt uncomfortable being around their parents, knowing their own selves would be born into the world later on. So in a way, knowing there is dimensional travel and a bunch of displaced kids, they go on a journey and end up in places like… this one.

      • The DanMan

        …You do know that it’s been repeatedly stated that FEif has no connections to any previous games in the series, and is the start of a new world?

        • Xyra

          Tellius and Magvel are also different worlds but the dimensional gates allowed those characters to appear in Awakening… We also have confirmation that Marth, Ike, Robin and Lucina appear when you use their amiibos and there are concepts similar to alternate dimensions.

          On the off chance that Luna is just an expy of Severa, then whatever, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she is a dimensional gate traveler either.

          • DimensionDrifter

            I definitely think dimensional gates will be a thing for FE series, as a way to connect all the different realms (it’ll just not be pivotal to the story and more DLC-related stuff). I get the feeling it definitely is Severa (Selena) just that she changed her name. Maybe perhaps she’s taking notes from Lucina like when she was pretending to be Marth (lol). FE: Awakening had Priam who is Ike’s son, so if FE: IF will have Cordelia’s (Tiamo in japanese) daughter Severa (Luna in IF), then we might just see a running trend of seeing previous games characters offsprings in the next game. I’m going to ignore the remakes like shadow dragon being the target game for Awakening to pull from, considering Awakening takes place in the same world and is 2000 years later (hell Chrom is Marth’s descendant if you want to nitpick).

          • The DanMan

            The Outrealm Gate was just a way to cram DLC into Awakening. If it becomes canon, then we’ve delved into the level of bad fanfiction.

          • The DanMan

            The outrealms, currently, are non-canon and hopefully stay that way.

  • Dillon Xiong

    must buy Hoshido and Nohr to get all the waifu

    • Richard Shiflett

      Need third path too as I’m sure it’ll have unique characters too.

  • Giga Man

    I want an Owain look-alike right now.

    • Doctor Robert

      Yeah, me too… XD

      Actually I don’t because that’s not original and it’ll take some of Owain’s Owain-i-ness away from him…

    • The DanMan

      Take it you haven’t seen Odin, then?
      This just feels like a lazy way to pad out the character roster, as well as more Awakening pandering.
      Now the Fire Emblem community can argue about clones.

    • Richard Shiflett

      I want to see unique characters, not clones.

  • samsneeze

    Luna may just be a case of lazy writing and design. Kazahana’s skill is too much, especially compared to the others here.

    • This girl is taking no shit from anyone, not from adjacent enemies or Kamui walking in on her while she’s in the bathhouse.

    • DemonTamer

      Actually, Kazahana’s personal skill may not be as great as it sounds. Probably it only activates on your turn, and even if the skill applies on either turn, directly adjacent enemies is not something you see that much, especially on normal or easy difficulties.

      • samsneeze

        Yeah, but you can easily guide enemies into being adjacent.

        • DemonTamer

          True, true! And there are missions when you have to do it, there it is going to help a lot. But for the rest of the chapters, not that much, unless you play like that. In my case, I don’t stall enemies unless is necessary. My point is that I don’t think is much better than other personal skills. However, some other’s personal skills can become useless at end game, unless these skills change or evolve, that is. This one seems useful from the beginning to the end.

          • DimensionDrifter

            I honestly think its too early to judge whether this skill is good or bad. However, considering now that enemy units can now “pair up,” they are probably revamping enemy AI to act in groups more so than previous FE games. While you might not be dealing massive damage to a lot of units simultaneously, this is still a good skill to counter against enemies units that act as a group. They already mentioned in the Nintendo Direct how you can set your characters in “My Castle” to act in groups or run around solo.

          • DemonTamer

            Indeed, is too early. My hopes are that every character is going to be useful. I do not like the idea of having characters with much better abilities than others. Of course, in other hand, the reclassing options and the max stats also could affect how good is an unit. But yeah, we can’t see the whole picture right now.
            I hadn’t thought about the enemies’ IA, good point, there would be new things in that aspect.

      • Franchezco Marice Lamont

        Dive Bombing. With a tank built unit. Most of the time, I can see people going to use ranged units to reduce an opposing units Hp to near enough while grouped for Kazahana to clear. Taking Ike’s Eruption from Smash and making it a personal. But for now, we’ll have to say it does as great as it sounds.

        • DemonTamer

          Well, that requires a specific tactic. And we need to see if Kazahana actually gets more experience by killing enemies that way.
          I am just saying this skill could be not that overpowered, especially if you have to use other units to set things like that and make it look cool. It would look cool though.

  • kliskur

    no fox waifu? me no buy

  • disqus_llcGL5RyKi

    yeah, luna’s a lazy design. you know who else is a lazy design? Danved in radiant dawn! he looks just like devdan from path of radiance. super lazy imo.

    and don’t even get me started on them reusing camus like three times in the first three games. Were they sirius with that?

    • Ember Hermin


  • Seiko Kimura

    Fox boy best boy.

  • Franchezco Marice Lamont

    I bet Luna… wait for it… will learn Luna. Huh?

  • yoyomom

    So we have a blonde fox boy, a pink haired girl named Sakura, and a dark hired girl names Hinata… Subtle.

  • Xjorukmír Azhar

    Firstly, I will say that all of the reveals for these characters are great. I’m hoping we see some more laguz/bestial unit types(varying genders, please).

    Additionally, for the clone-crying argument, Severa has a few things going for her in terms of her appearance in this game; different world/universe or not.

    Dimensional gates/time travel -are- a thing. How else would the children have gotten to Awakening’s timeline?
    There were an overwhelming amount of complaints with regard to not being able to get her with red hair like her mother’s, too. Granted that’s a ridiculous reason to put her in If, but still. Like any other Fire Emblem game… You don’t even have to use her, or talk to her.

    Either way, she’s just one character out of an entire cast (many of which I adore, design-wise, on both paths). I didn’t love her in Awakening, but I didn’t hate her either. I will say that I could relate to her on account of the “pressure of living under a parent’s shadow” backstory hook.