Fire Emblem Cipher at Comiket 91

As teased in the Series 7 pre-release livestream (and earlier), Fire Emblem Cipher is heading to Comiket 91, its third appearance at Comiket to date.


No doubt all the serious Fire Emblem collectors are busting out their wallets as we speak, while the rest of all look for something to wipe the drool.

For those not in the know, Comiket (short for Comic Market) is the biggest fan event in Japan, where companies often like to attend to sell rare and exclusive merchandise.

Comiket 91 runs from 29th to 31st December 2016 at the Tokyo Big Sight. The Fire Emblem Cipher area will be located in booth 3142, 4th floor, west corporate area.

The official Cipher website has a list of all the goodies, which we’ll provide information in English below.


Like last year, there’s a special promotional card–this time of a Christmas-themed Lyn that’s given away with each purchase. Perfect timing with the release of Series 7, which features Blazing Sword.

Fire Emblem Cipher Artworks – 2,000 Yen each


The long awaited sequels to I-IV, which were sold during earlier events. Like the former, they are thin, glossy books containing a dozen or so full pages of artwork. Followed by a card directory. Mainly for collectors or art-lovers.

Players Box Character Set – 4,000 Yen


Note: The outer box can be used as a large card storage case.

Contains: Storage box, deck case, deck separator, 2 sets sleeves, special marker card set and exclusive Camilla promotional card.

One of two brand new Players Boxes, which are amazing gifts for any Cipher player or fan. This one is themed around the hero and heroine characters.

Players Box Pixel Set – 4,000 Yen


Note: The outer box can be used as a large card storage case.

Contains: Storage box, deck case, deck separator, 2 sets sleeves, special marker card set and exclusive Hinoka promotional card.

The second new Players Box, which is themed around the cutesy pixel (sprite) art found in the Fire Emblem games. The sprites for Roy and Sigurd were specially designed for Cipher, before you start any conspiracy theories…

Pin Badge Sets — 1,500 Yen each


These are oversized can badges that seem to be all the rage. The yellow (Jugdral) set is new to Comiket 91.

Play Mats — 3,500 Yen each


Used for playing Cipher or other card games. Two new designs make their debut: big brothers and Tiki. The latter uses a new piece of artwork, presumably from the upcoming Cipher Series 8, which sees Awakening making a comeback.

Paper Die Cut Badges – 500 Yen each


A new addition. These feature the main characters of FE Cipher. You get a random one selected from 11 types + 2 secrets. The secrets are Maid Elise and Onmyoji Sakura unless my mind is playing tricks on me.

CD Sounds of Fire Emblem from Cipher Caravan – 2,500 Yen


Note: This CD will be sold exclusively at Comiket 91.

Last, but definitely not least, is a soundtrack CD featuring music by  Hiroki Morishita and Takeru Kanazaki–the “Cavalier Duo”–performed at the Cipher Caravan events earlier this year.

The name of the CD, I’m not really sure, but perhaps “Horse and Rider as One”? I believe it’s meant to symbolise the Cavalier and his steed as one combined entity. It’s hard to translate something poetic in Japanese into English!

The track listing, courtesy of Prince Of Iris:

  1. Fire Emblem Cipher Main Theme
  2. Battle Map 1 – Player Attack Phase (Dark Dragon and the Blade of Light)
  3. Dusk Falls (Fates)
  4. Far Dawn (Fates)
  5. Beneath a New Light ~ Roy’s Hope (Binding Blade)
  6. Warmth is Gone (Fates)
  7. Lost in Thoughts All Alone (Fates)
  8. Chapter 3: Eldigan the Lionheart (Genealogy of the Holy War)
  9. Beautiful Princess Elincia (Path of Radiance)
  10. Road Taken (Fates)
  11. Id (Purpose) (Awakening)
  12. In the Stars (Fates)
  13. Fire Emblem Main Theme

The CD also includes two special promotional cards featuring sprite artwork of Cain and Abel.

You can sample some music by the “Cavalier Duo” in the teaser trailer below.

Ahem… if there are any kind souls who can make it to Comiket 91 (or know somebody who can), please let me know. It’s incredibly hard work, but we would compensate you, on top of being eternally grateful!

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  • Benjamin L. Sussman

    Thanks for posting this! I will definitely be stopping by this booth, since I have a friend who’s a big Fire Emblem fan

    • Juan Pablo Perez Ramirez

      Could you help me, a poor and sad soul, get some goodies ??? 😀

      • Benjamin L. Sussman

        I will see what I can do. That booth was the most popular of the Industry booths. I’m not sure what they’ll have tomorrow, but if you send me a request in the next few hours, I can stop by tomorrow and try

        • Juan Pablo Perez Ramirez

          THANKS A LOT !!!!!! I’m trying to get the players box character and pixel set.
          If you are able to help me just tell me at which bank account I should deposit the money.


          • Benjamin L. Sussman

            Currently waiting in line for the con to open. If I manage to acquire it, I’ll give you my PayPal address.

          • Benjamin L. Sussman

            And it is acquired. Please send me a message through Facebook so I can send you the payment information.