Cipher Caravan Merchandise + Details

On June 25th 2016, the Fire Emblem Cipher card game will be celebrating its 1st anniversary (together with Fates). To celebrate the occasion, the Cipher Caravan will be heading to various locations in Japan from June to August.


At the event, fans can expect to sample the delights of Cipher, battle other Cipher players, purchase exclusive merchandise or even listen to a “mini concert” featuring tracks from the 20th Anniversary Concert.

While a list of merchandise was posted earlier on the Cipher website and these were also showcased at the Cipher Livestream Spring, this is the first time we have official pictures and prices for them.

First, here are the dates and list of venues, in case you’re in Japan or you’re looking to pester a friend living there:

Date (2016) Location
25th June (Saturday) Osaka
3rd July (Sunday) Sendai
10th July (Sunday) Hiroshima
16th July (Saturday) Nagoya
24th July (Sunday) Nigata
31st July (Sunday) Fukuoka
7th August (Sunday) Tokushima
14th August (Sunday) Sapporo
20th August (Saturday) Tokyo

Everyone who comes to an event is eligible for a set of promotional cards featuring the maid twins from Fates, Felicia and Flora.

caravan-felicia caravan-flora

These are limited to one set per person and (to prevent reselling) are given out at the end of the event, while leaving.

Next, let’s take a look at the wonderful goods on offer. Some of these were available are earlier events, but nearly all of them sold out fast, so this is a good chance if you missed them the first time.

Fire Emblem Cipher Artworks – 2000 Yen each


These are thin, but very high-quality artbooks featuring artwork from the respective Cipher expansions. As indicated, Artbook IV (featuring Itsuki on the cover) is new.

Card Binder – 3000 Yen


A luxurious 4-ring card binder that holds your typical 9-pocket pages. Measures 310 mm x 255 mm x 40 mm. It’s very nice and shiny.

Can Badges – 1500 Yen a set


These are oversized badges feature pretty Cipher artwork. The purple (Elibe) set is new, while the others have appeared at other events.

Tote Bag – 1500 Yen


A practical tote bag with pixel sprites of the heroes who have appeared in Cipher. Roy and Sigurd’s sprites are new additions to the old-school lineup. As Lynn happily showed us, you can fit the card binder snugly inside.

Ball Pen – 500 Yen


Be the envy of your co-workers with this quaint ball pen featuring your favourite pixelised heroes. Judging from the picture, it appears to be a Pilot Opt, in case you’ve used one before.

Play Mats – 3500 Yen each


Great for playing card games or for collecting purposes. As shown, the Leo versus Takumi “Little Brothers” play mat is new. Apparently these are all very popular.

Finally, here are the songs that will be performed during the mini concert. The website notes that the songs may change without warning.

  • Fire Emblem Main Theme
  • Battle Map 1: Player Side Attack (Dark Dragon and Sword of Light)
  • Chapter 3: Eldigan the Lionheart (Genealogy of the Holy War)
  • Beneath a New Light~Roy’s Courage (Binding Blade)
  • Beautiful Princess Elincia (Path of Radiance)
  • Id (Purpose) (Awakening)
  • Lost in Thoughts All Alone (Fates)

As hinted near the start, most of these songs were performed at the 20th Anniversary Concert last year, although Beneath a New Light and Beautiful Princess Elincia did not originally feature.

By the way, if you’re in Japan and can attend any of the events (and you’re up for the challenge), our friend Chrstian Ponte is providing a sizable bounty on our forums. I’d love a few things myself…

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