April News Roundup 2: Sales and Sketches

Welcome to another roundup of minor Fire Emblem news from last week, as I try (badly) not to clutter up the front page.


20th April: The pre-sale ticket raffle is now underway at the Fire Emblem 25th Anniversary concert site; here, users can sign up for a chance to win tickets for the 25th Anniversary concert via a lottery.

Registrations for the ticket raffle close after 10th May 2015 and formal ticket sales will commence around a month later, from 7th June 2015.

This way, fans desperate for tickets can opt to try their luck with the RNG, before being forced to battle other fans, scalpers and overloaded servers as soon as ticket sales open.

Those who don’t live in Japan should be aware that tickets won via the raffle can only be obtained in person from Lawson or Loppi stores in Japan.


22nd April: To celebrate the series’s 25th Anniversary, Nintendo of Japan is holding a Fire Emblem eShop sale between 28th April 2015 (10am) and 6th May 2015.

During the sale, all Fire Emblem games on the Japanese eShop will have their prices slashed by a generous 25% (like the anniversary!). The games in the sale include:

  • Dark Dragon and Sword of Light (3DS/Wii U Virtual Console)
  • Gaiden (3DS/Wii U Virtual Console)
  • Mystery of the Emblem (Wii U Virtual Console)
  • Genealogy of the Holy War (Wii U Virtual Console)
  • Thracia 776 (Wii U Virtual Console)
  • Blazing Sword (Wii U Virtual Console)
  • The Sacred Stones (Wii U Virtual Console)
  • Awakening (3DS digital download)

A piece of trivia for you: Between the 3DS and Wii U, Japanese fans can play every game in the series minus Binding Blade and Path of Radiance.

Tsubasa wearing glasses

Tsubasa wearing glasses

22nd April: It’s been a tad quiet since the re-reveal of the Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem crossover, known as Illusory Revelations #FE in Japan.

To break the silence a little, the game’s main character designer, toi8, has posted a new entry to the official site’s staff blog (amusingly titled “Staff Revelations”).

For those who aren’t great at reading Japanese, Mystic of TRADUKO Soft has translated the blog post here.

Seliph by Yusuke Kozaki

Seliph by Yusuke Kozaki

23rd April: The artist for Awakening and if, Yusuke Kozaki, isn’t a stranger when it comes to tweeting his Fire Emblem drawings and doodles.

Today, perhaps influenced by the series’s anniversary 3 days ago, he’s decided to share various sketches of characters from across the series.

(A curious observation: Kozaki’s signature is erroneously flipped in his Ogma and Navarre sketch; something he noticed himself.)

Earlier, he also posted a sketch of Seliph (the hero of the second half of Genealogy of the Holy War), who was absent from his 25th Anniversary heroes sketch.

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