Fire Emblem if: June Introduction and TV Commercial

Nintendo truly are the masters of surprising their fans when they least expect it.

Although we’ve known for ages that Fire Emblem if is coming out in around 2 weeks time, out of nowhere Nintendo gives us a 7 minute introduction trailer, as well as a Japanese TV Commercial.


Without further delay, here’s my (lengthy) analysis of the trailer.

Like the My Castle analysis, it’s very long, so it’s divided into two pages. As such, don’t forget to click the link at the bottom to move onto the next page (or click here)!

Just as I finished my analysis of the trailer, shadowofchaos has uploaded an English translated version of it, so be sure to give it a gander too!

Once I’ve rested a bit, I’ll work on the TV Commercial analysis, although there’s much less to investigate since it’s only 30 seconds long.

Of course, that’s not everything; diligent fans may know that the digital issue of this week’s Famitsu released today.

Sadly, I’ve spent the best part of today just ripping apart the introduction trailer, so I don’t yet have time to cover it, but you can read up on all the details over on our forums!

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