Fates 1.1 Update / Smash Update Adds Chrom Costume

Today, we have two separate Fire Emblem-related updates regarding… well, updates.

 feif-update-logo mii-fighter-chrom

Firstly, owners of the Japanese version of Fire Emblem Fates can now download the version 1.1 update for the game when connected to the Internet (see further down for full instructions).

This update fixes a bug that prevents the use of Amiibos, as well as general fixes that “enhance the playing experience”. As with all Nintendo updates, this update is required to use the game’s Internet functions.

Secondly, Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U fans can look forward to a Chrom Mii Fighter (Swordsman) costume, which will be available from 31st July 2015. It’s not Chrom himself, but it’s better than nothing, right?

How to Update Fire Emblem Fates

1. When connected to the Internet, open “Nintendo 3DS Camera” (hold L and R at the same time) from the Home screen.

2. Within “Nintendo 3DS Camera”, tap the bottom-left icon (qr-icon-sample).

3. Scan the QR code below, corresponding to your game version, to access the update’s eShop download page.

(To avoid confusing the camera, you may wish to click the image on your browser to load it separately.)

version1.1qr-hoshido version1.1qr-nohr version1.1qr-special version1.1qr-digital

(To download the update, your 3DS must be on the latest system version.)

Note 1: You must have a SD or micro SD card to download the update data and there must be sufficient space as well.

Note 2: You must have accepted the Nintendo 3DS User Agreement. If you did not accept it, open System Settings, then go to Internet Settings, Other Information and User Agreement.

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