Cipher S8 Weekly Recap: First Daily Reveals & Livestream Info

After a rather long break in Fire Emblem Cipher news, we’ve now finally started to see daily reveals for Series 8 pop up on the @FECipher Twitter account. This week’s first reveal was the unpromoted versions of our two headliner lords: Chrom from Awakening and Seliph from Genealogy of the Holy War.

The next reveal was rather unique: three variant cards featuring different types of Risen. Each card has a different weapon and class, with the Mercenary Risen wielding a sword, Fighter Risen with an axe, and Soldier Risen with a lance. However, the text on each card is the same and they function the same in game.

Here to command our team of Risen is Risen King Chrom, fully revealed as an SR. His full card title is “Undead King of Despair”, and “Risen King” his class. As predicted, his skills primarily utilize Risen cards. We’ll likely see further cards that manipulate Risen as more cards are revealed.

The last two cards give us a further look at the second generation of Genealogy. Gáe Bolg wielder Altena gets an SR card and Fee an R.

Sleeve designs for S8 have also been revealed. They feature artwork of Chrom and Tiki from Awakening and Seliph and Altenna from Genealogy. You can pre-order the sleeve packs, as well as booster boxes of S8, from Japanese retailer AmiAmi.

If that’s not enough news for you yet, the Cipher Winter Livestream is scheduled to air at 8:00pm JST on NicoNico this coming Saturday. Our usual hosts Ryota Kawade and Young will be joined by voice actors Juri Kimura (Mozu, Nyx), Tarusuke Shingaki (Stahl, Gerome, Saizo), and Manabu Sakamaki (Kellam, Gangrel).

In addition to showcasing additional S8 cards, we’ll hopefully see some more artwork for the upcoming S9 and an official announcement of S10. If you can’t watch the livestream in person, we’ll be posting up screencaps and a summary of the event afterwards.

The official @FE_Heroes_JP Twitter account also tweeted today to promote tomorrow’s livestream. Perhaps this might imply a Heroes crossover with Cipher in the future?

Cipher Series 8 will release in little over a month on March 17th. We’ll continue sharing new cards and artwork as they’re released in the meantime. For more information about Cipher, including links and information on where to purchase cards outside of Japan, please check out my Newcomer’s Guide to FE Cipher.

Want to discuss this news or speculate about what else we’ll be seeing revealed in Series 8? Feel free to visit us at the FE Cipher Subforum on the Serenes Forest forums.

About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor