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Heroes: Enduring Legacy banner brings Genealogy of the Holy War favorites to the fray

It’s that time again, Summoners. The next batch of new Heroes is upon us, in the Judgral-themed (Genealogy of the Holy War) Enduring Legacy banner that drops in just two days.

We get to see some upgrades to the Duel skills this time around, specifically in R Duel Infantry and B Duel Flying 4, both of which grant higher score caps and also some additional stats beyond HP +5. We also have a Deck Swabber equivalent in the Unbound Blade+ sword, and the first omni-phase brave weapon with Lex’s PRF Goddess Axe. What’s more, is that Lex is the 4* Focus unit, so Summoners may have a stellar opportunity to add a mighty unit to their Green Axe Cav pool.

Not only that, but we see in the story continuation, the appearance of one of the characters teased in the Book V video, Dagr, who joins the battle with their Axe and maybe flies? As for a character we don’t see, we will soon, in the upcoming Grand Hero Battle featuring Díthorba: Cutting Knight, on February 17 at the daily reset. She’s not a very well known character, so I’ll be interested to see how she is portrayed in FEH.

Finally, this banner will feature the Spark bonus (fitting, given Azelle’s weapon) on 40 summons, so Summoners are guaranteed to acquire a character of their choice.

This banner will kick off on February 15 at 11p PT (Feb 16 for the rest of us across the continental US and beyond).

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Heroes: “Heir of Light” Banner Will Descend with 2nd Gen Characters from Genealogy of the Holy War

Details for the next batch of new Heroes have arrived! The upcoming summoning banner, Heir of Light, will feature four popular 2nd Generation characters from Genealogy of the Holy War.

The new Heroes are: Shannan (wielder of the Balmung), Altena (Quan’s eldest child and wielder of the Gae Bolg), Ced (the son of Lewyn according to Thracia 776) and Larcei (Ayra’s daughter). You’ll be able to summon them starting on 9th January (UTC).

Accompanying the new Heroes will be a new story chapter “Gullinkambi”, plus a Forging Bonds event. In addition, there will be a Grand Hero Battle with Travant, which starts on 12th January (UTC).

Keep reading for a text breakdown of the new Heroes!

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Cipher: Spring 2019 Livestream (S17 reveals, S18 artwork and S19 titles) & Twitter Reveals

On 25th May, the Fire Emblem Cipher team held their Spring 2019 livestream–the second seasonal one of the year. The hosts were Ryota Kawade, Young, and Eri Suzuki.

Note: Images were taken from @kizuna_fecipher.

The main agenda was to discuss the upcoming Series 17: “The Advance of All Heroes”. This series breaks the usual trends of featuring a small number of factions by including not just every faction but every single game title.

Above is the official list of featured games. I won’t bother naming them all, but it’s all the mainline games from the first up to Echoes and including Heroes and Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. Unless I missed it, Warriors is not advertised, despite having cards in the past.

Besides that, the original Cipher mascots will make an appearance in Series 17 too. Above are Emma and Shade, the first pair of mascots, in the Falcon Knight and Dark Sage classes respectively.

Also, although Three Houses isn’t a featured title (because it’s a bit too new by the time the Series 17 releases), there will be cards for it, in the form of booster box “preview” promos. It seems everyone will get 2 of the 4 cards per box.

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Fire Emblem World: Daily Characters & Weekly Songs Round 6

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! As for me, I somehow ended up at a motorcycle festival, but that’s a story for another time and place. Anyway, I’m here to report the upcoming schedule for the rotating characters and songs on the Japanese Fire Emblem World website.

Last month, we covered the schedule from 22nd April to 26th May. From here, every single game that’s been released (that’s been developed by Intelligent Systems) has been featured at least once–some twice. My aim is to keep going until I’m bored or enough people shout at me.

27th May – 2nd June: Binding Blade

Featured song: Dark Priestess

Next week starts off with the second appearance of Binding Blade. The characters include the Araphen orphanage trio, a trio of promoted units (two from the Western Isles) and… Merlinus. It’s kinda like they were going for a pattern, but decided to sod it at the last minute.

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