Heroes: Starter Support + Android Exclusive + Arena Bonus Heroes

You can never have enough Orbs in Fire Emblem Heroes and Nintendo knows this as they’re adding even more ways for players to earn free Orbs!

Whether you’re a new player or one who’s been playing for ages, you’re sure to benefit from the new Starter Support campaign, which lasts from now until 3rd April 2017 (at 7:59 AM UTC).

Firstly, replacing the previous App-release Log-in Bonus is a Special Log-in Bonus, which grants 2 Orbs per day like previously. By our calculations, you can pick up this Log-in Bonus up to 17 times for 34 Orbs!

Secondly, there will be two Starter Support bonus maps added to the Special Maps section–one today and another from the 20th (in three days time). These maps award 3 Orbs each and have two difficulties, so you can get 12 Orbs at most.

Thirdly, there will be a 1.5 times Experience bonus applied to Story, Special, Arena and Training Tower maps. This should be fantastic for training up your lower level Heroes or getting your high-end Heroes up to Level 40.

That’s not all! Thanks to a promotion with the Google Play store, all Android players can receive a 4-star Corrin (F) – Fateful Princess. If you don’t have her already, she can be a valuable party member–or you can use her as inheritance/merging fodder!

Lastly, the Japanese Twitter account has revealed the Bonus Heroes for the coming Arena season, which starts 21st March 2017. They are of course the current Focus Heroes plus the most recent Grand Hero Battle reward and some extras:

Lucius, Priscilla, Karel, Ninian, Rebecca, Jaffar, Ursula, Azama, Fir and Anna

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  • Laggalot

    Suddenly, a shower of orbs. I can live with this. …Now if I’d actually pull something decent for once, then it’d be truly great.

    • Morgan Rodgers

      Ugh seriously, Ive had 3 crap rounds of draws in a row.

      • Stranger

        At least inheritance means that nobody is really truly useless anymore.

        • Morgan Rodgers

          It’s true, I’ve got a use for everyone now.

          • Laggalot101

            I suppose right now the issue more than anything is getting 5-star units, either through direct pull or upgrading them there. 20K Feathers is still a lot, and I feel constantly compelled to use my feathers on 3-star units to upgrade them into 4-star ones, because a lot of them can be good, and even more now that inheritance is a thing, seeing as many only get their valuable skills from 4-star on.

  • Vier Mill

    Wow! I did well getting Anna to 4 stars, she will see some use on my arena score! Wait, wait… I also have Ursula, Rebecca and Fir… this time I can make a team of all focus heroes for the first time!

    • yop

      u actually only need 1 to get the bonus points adding more will not increase the bonus

  • Dem Figs

    Whoever these developers are… bless them

  • Diovani Estivalet

    I started to level up Ursula for the Arena, and I gave her Felicia’s skill: Glacies, which bost her attack with 80% of her Resistence, and… OhmiGosh, she is amazing! Too bad that Blarwolf is only Mt 6, but at least it is good against cavalry.

  • /|/|ilo

    I was pretty close to putting feathers to up my 3-star Corrin to a 4-star, so the free unit is nice.

  • TheBraveGallade

    MOAR ORBS!!!