Heroes: Bride Banner Preview Trailer!

Nintendo Mobile released a new video to showcase the upcoming Bride banner in Fire Emblem Heroes! It also gives us a peek at the Bridal Blessings paralogue story that will be released at the same time. Check out the trailer below!

The new summoning focus features four female characters as brides: Caeda, Charlotte, Cordelia, and Lyn. Each comes with a new weapon and also a new assist or passive skill. A breakdown of all new characters’ skills can be found below.

The new banner goes live on Tuesday, 30 May at 7:00am UTC and will be available for approximately two weeks until 14 June.

As a reminder, there is maintenance scheduled for Heroes some time before the new banner and paralogues go live. It will begin at 11:00 pm UTC on 29 May and is scheduled to last three hours. Times given are approximate.

Bride Character Skills

Caeda comes with a wedding bouquet that doubles as a new blue-tome weapon: Blessed Bouquet+. It has a special effect that grants allies within 2 spaces Def/Res +2 after combat. Her skill Attack/Res 2 is a new A slot skill that boosts her own Atk and Res by 2. She also comes with Iceberg as her Special Skill and Hone Spd as her C skill.

Charlotte comes equipped with a giant spoon! First Bite+ is a lance-type weapon that offers the same Def/Res boost as Caeda’s new weapon. She also has a new A slot skill: Wind Boost 3, a passive that gives her Spd +6 so long as she has at least 3 more HP than her enemy. She also comes with Smite for an assist, and Threaten Atk as her C skill.

Cordelia also comes with a new, love-themed weapon: Cupid Bow+. It also offers the same Def/Res boost as Caeda’s and Charlotte’s weapon. Her assist skill is also new. Rally Atk/Spd is a combo rally skill that gives its target a +3 boost to both stats. She also comes with Escape Route as her B skill and Breath of Life as her C skill.

Our final bride is Lyn, and she comes with a giant candle for her weapon. Candlelight is a new staff that inflicts a status on hit that prevents the enemy from counterattacking. She also has a new B skill, Dazzling Staff, that prevents enemies from countering her at all. Rehabilitate is her Assist heal, and Swift-Winds Balm is her support skill.

About the Author: Kirie
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