Heroes: Version 1.5.0 is Now Live!

The latest version of Fire Emblem Heroes is now available for all players! All players will see a prompt to download the update as soon as they load up the game.

Most notably, the new update introduces two new gameplay modes: Chain Challenge and Squad Assault. You can access both new modes in the Story Mode section of the Battle area.

Chain Challenges play very similarly to Tempest Trials maps. Players challenge all of the maps of one or two Story Mode chapters in a row. If all of your heroes are KOed, you can try again with a new team of your choice. Normal and Hard mode Chain Challenge award Hero Feathers while the Lunatic versions award precious Orbs.

Squad Assault also includes multiple maps in a row, though the challenge is much greater. Each map in the Squad Assault must be beaten by a new team, not using any previously used units in the assault, and all units must survive. If you’re successful, you earn additional Orbs and a new Sacred Seal, Squad Ace A 1, which provides HP +3.

The update also includes a number of quality of life changes. You can see a full analysis of all updates in our earlier article here. Best of luck with the difficult challenges you’ll soon face!

About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor