FE Warriors: New details from Famitsu and Site Update

We have some more information on Fire Emblem Warriors, thanks to Weekly Famitsu, RPGSite has already gotten a translation of the page out, you can check it out here

First of all, let’s address the elephant in the room; the weapon choices. This article has given the information that every character is going to be restricted to their one weapon-type. There will not be weapon switching (unless a feature of the game is revealed to include reclassing).

This is different from recent Dynasty Warriors games or Hyrule Warriors, but more along the lines of Samurai Warriors. In recent Dynasty Warriors games, each character had their own weapon, but could choose out of every other type in the game as a backup, or simply not use their weapon. However, their weapon had unique properties to them alone; but this allowed people to use characters they disliked with a moveset they did like. For example, Lu Bu’s Halberd can be used by anyone but he alone has a specific set of uses with it.

Hyrule Warriors had multiple movesets for characters with different weapons to pad out the lower numbered cast with more movesets. Samurai Warriors has a decently sized cast all with unique movesets but only one per character.

Also, due to how certain movesets work, I’m going to just assume that a few moves used by say, Lucina, include her bow as a sword type attack in the weapon triangle, not unlike how Fire Emblem Heroes goes just by color and not purely weapon type.

As an interesting aside, Serenes Forest users Folt & The Danman noticed something interesting on a tome Robin is shown to have in one of the new pictures:

Robin from FE Warriors  Nosferatu, as seen in Fire Emblem Binding Blade

It looks fairly similar to the Game Boy Advance version of the Nosferatu tome.

Notice, in Robin’s right hand, the top portion of his tome resembles Leo’s Brynhildr.

However they made a potential connection to Brynhildr.

Cover for Fire Emblem Fates Conquest

Official Artwork of Brynhildr

Do note that since Leo is most likely going to show up, this is an interesting similarity or potential nod to his existence, or who knows what. It also looks like it could resemble Ruin, a high critical chance dark tome from Awakening.

Bond Levels were also discussed with a bit of detail. When characters fight with each other long enough, their bonds will increase. Indicated by hearts, when two characters have enough points they will be able to do a singular Bond Conversation. Whether or not it’s only one bond talk or its one per bond level, isn’t entirely clear from the wording.

Additionally, we have some character descriptions from the article:

From Fire Emblem Awakening:

  • Robin: A mysterious person who was rescued by Chrom when he collapsed on the wayside. When he woke up, he already lost his memory. He has a natural talent in tactics, and he has been assisting Chrom in various strategies as his strategist. His class is Tactician, which is his first class in the original game. He will fight by using a magic book.
  • Lissa: Chrom’s sister, and also the princess of the haildom of Ylisse. She has a bright and innocent personality suitable for her age, and she always encourages her friends. Her first class in the original game was a Cleric which could heal allies’ HP, but in this game, she wields an axe and fights on the frontlines by herself. Just like War Clerics in FE Awakening, she also excels in close-range combat while being a healer.
  • Lucina: Chrom’s daughter who comes from the future world. In the early parts of the story, she claimed to be the legendary hero Marth. Since [the real] Marth from Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon also appears in this game, we are wondering on whether she’ll have conversations with him.
  • Frederick: Chrom’s retainer, and the vice-captain of the Shepherds. He’s a wise man with a humble way of speaking, but he also has a flaw in being too serious. In FE Awakening he could use various weapons, but in this game, he will fight with an axe.

From Fire Emblem Fates:

  • Corrin: The protagonist of Fire Emblem Fates. In the original game the gender could be chosen between male or female, but in this game, she will appear as a female. Her fighting style is using the Yato blade, and she can also transform into a dragon.
  • Ryoma: The high prince of the kingdom of Hoshido, and Corrin’s elder brother. He is the only Swordmaster who can use the high-powered sword Raijinto, and he fights against the kingdom of Nohr with his siblings.
  • Xander: The high prince of the kingdom of Nohr, who was raised together with Corrin in their childhood. He is a Paladin who wields an exclusive weapon, the Siegfried.

We got some small details on why Chrom was glowing blue in the trailer; it’s apparently a chain reaction to being near Aytolis’ Shield of Seals. The blue aura leaves him and makes a sphere that fits into the shield.

If I was a betting man (and I am), I’d say that the other four spheres will be from Xander, Ryoma, Marth & Corrin. If not all of them then at least two of them, and if I’m wrong well then I’m wrong.

Lastly, the main site was also updated to include Lucina, Frederick, Lissa & Robin’s pages, which you can find on the official website.

Fire Emblem Warriors will be released on September 28th on the Switch & 3DS in Japan, with the rest of the world getting it a little bit later. We still aren’t sure of an exact date yet, but hopefully we’ll know soon. Together we ride to release!

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