Warriors: Marth and Lucina Dual Attack

From a recent poll there were votes on what combination attacks to see, this is the winner. Marth & Lucina, where Lucina in a nod to smash brothers & her origin in Awakening proper, follows up and emulates Marth’s more graceful swordstyle. Before doing a really cool finisher.

The retweet goal made it so the second place winner will be shown as well, which is Ryoma & Xander, so stay tuned for that.

About the Author: Jedi
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  • dmurr

    I know it’s supposed to be stylized, but do these graphics look shit to anyone else?

    Also, still can’t believe they were considering excluding Lucina. How would that even make sense? She’s like the new face of the series.

    • Kazuya

      They should have, less garbage the better.

    • MetalGear Lamia

      Good thing IS and Nintendo didn’t want that

    • Bathroomdisaster

      A face that it’s basically genderswapped Marth. A character that contributes zilch to the roster except padding. “New face”? Hardly that nowadays.

      • MetalGear Lamia

        Nope decendant plus it fits better also the fact that Nintendo and IS put their foot down shows she’s still a big deal to them.

      • dmurr

        Hmm. Idk, she’s been in quite a lot lately. Started as one of the main characters of the now biggest game in the series, but has also appeared in:
        – Super Smash Bros
        – Monster Hunter
        – Codename Steam
        – Project X Zone
        – Fates
        – Echoes
        She was one of 8 characters chosen as a promotional character for FE Heroes on mobile, in which she was one of the top 3 fan-voted favorites, and currently has 3 versions in the game. She’s definitely one of the more well-known characters.

  • Kazuya

    Fe 1 characters so far: 1
    FE 13: 7
    Fe 14: The whole cast

    • SomeUser


    • DaisyLencea

      I predict:
      FE14: 11
      FE13: 18
      FE1(11): only one

  • Traditional Ahri

    Admittedly seeing Lucina and Marth fighting alongside one another isn’t exactly interesting, since Lucina’s fighting style is essentially a carbon copy of Marth’s.
    However, I am looking forward to seeing how some of the more disparate characters combine their skills in these kinds of attacks; there’s a lot of room for cool and flashy combos.

    • Jedi

      In this game her style is more like Chroms actually. This is the only attack string so far that she’s done anything even vaguely Marth like.

      • Traditional Ahri

        That’s good to hear! Have there been any videos released that show Marth’s gameplay? I’m eager to see a comparison of all our resident Falchion wielders.

        • Jedi

          I don’t have one on hand, but he focuses much more on like teleport slashes and thrusts, like he warps around as if he’s moving too fast for the human eye in a number of them.

          • Traditional Ahri

            That sounds absolutely amazing – not what I would have expected from Marth, but super cool!