Heroes: Threaten Def Summoning Focus, Double EXP & SP Event, & September Schedule!

The Fire Emblem Heroes anniversary event may have ended in August, but there’s still a lot of new events happening in the game! Today starts a new skill-based banner: Heroes with Threaten Def Summoning Focus. Do your best to summon 5★ versions of Ephraim, Peri, and Raven!

The new banner will be available for about two weeks, ending on 18 September at 6:59am UTC.

Another Heroes event also starts today: Double EXP & SP Event! Your heroes will earn twice as much EXP and SP from defeating enemies in all the various maps. This is a great time to train up new units! Do note that the double SP gains do not stack with the Double SP weekends. This event will last through 11 September.

Additionally, Heroes has released an event schedule for the entirety of September. Click on the image for a larger version, or read on below for a text breakdown.

September Events:
  • Grand Hero Battles: It doesn’t look like we’re getting any new GHBs this month, but we will see two GHB Revivals, one for Female Robin starting on the 13th  and one for Clarisse starting on the 27th.
  • Tempest Trials: A new “mini” Tempest Trials will start this Friday and last for one week. Another full-length Tempest Trials will start on 23 September and last until 7 October.
  • Bound Hero Battles: We’ll see two more Bound Hero Battles in September, one for Ephraim and Eirika starting on the 7th and one for Ninian and Hawkeye starting on the 20th.
  • Special Maps: A new series of special maps will be released on 21 September, the same day that Fire Emblem Warriors releases in Japan.
  • Quests: New Daily Training Tower quests will begin on the 18th and new Extra Sacred Seals quests on the 24th.
  • Log-In Bonuses: 7 September will see the start of a “Version Update” log-in bonus, so  likely we can expect a version update around then as well. We’ll also have a “New Heroes” log-in bonus starting on the 15th, the same day that the Brave Heroes banner ends and will be replaced with new heroes to summon.



About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor
  • Shenai

    …wondering how many unwanted Peris I’ll get in my quest to finally get Ephraim…

  • Zog58

    Wasn’t Moment of Fate the chapter title where Ike faced the Black Knight? I predict well see a Radiant Tempest Trial with Nephenee as a free reward then!

    • Diovani Estivalet

      Yes, Chapter 27: Moment of Fate. So the Tempest Trial is gonna be Path of Radiant … but and the “mini” Tempest Trial?

    • Sisyphe

      Good catch! Hated that chapter by the way. It sucked going through Part 1 if I didn’t get the Aether I need to beat the Black Knight

  • CombatMagi

    Anyone have some SP grinding techniques that they could share? I’m trying to get my brave heroes so they have full skills unlocked but its slow even with the bonus. However I fought quite a few brave heroes, most of which were just base no hero merging, that have skill inheritance and there normal skills completely maxed out. i.e. Brave Ike with Aether, Reposition, Distant Counter, Beorc’s Blessing, and Infantry March3 but going into his character skill list still has Steady Breath and Threaten Def 3 bought.

    • Kneekicker

      The Brave Heroes are strong enough that they’ll rarely ever have trouble with the enemies in Tenth Stratum, which is pretty much the go-to place for SP farming. Other than that, complete any unfinished maps you have such as the Chain Challenges.

      Summer Tiki, Summer F Robin, and Gray respectively possesses Axe Valor, Lance Valor, and Sword Valor; if you have any of them, put them in the same team as Ike/Lucina/Roy to increase SP gain. No Bow Valor so Lyn’s out of luck in this regard.

      Tempest Trials are fantastic for SP farming, and you’ll have three days to grind on the mini one before the bonus expires.

    • millb

      As a I learned from a helpful youtuber (who learned from reddit), the most stamina efficient way to gain SP is to grind normal Chain Challenges. The method involves surrendering on the 10th and final map so that you keep the full SP gained from the previous 9 maps and don’t clear the Chain Challenge (otherwise, the cleared map drops from 3SP per enemy killed to 1SP). I believe the best map to do is Chapters 9 &10 (there was a chart; I don’t remember it exactly). Double SP weekends stacked with Axe valor earned me about 500 SP per run.

      All the enemies are roughly level 35 (just high enough to gain SP from) with few or no skills making them easy to take out with one unit if he has a good support team of buffers, healer, and dancer

    • Gabriel Nascimento

      I’ve been getting SP for my Brave Lyn in the arena.
      She gains 12sp per kill due to x2 event and being a bonus unit

  • dmurr

    Oh weird, I wonder if they’ll put the original FE Warriors characters in Heroes.

    • O.H. X-1990

      Nah, the special maps will only have the characters that are confirmed in Fire Emblem Warriors, such as Marth, Chrom, Robin, Corrin, Ryoma, Xander, and the rest of the Shepherds from Fire Emblem Awakening and the Hoshidans and Nohrians from Fire Emblem Fates. No Rowan or Lianna.

  • Aneudy Perez Bisbal

    i wanted to hire or summon from the start but for now only fight him as boss kinda feel disappointed.

  • O.H. X-1990

    Uh, you didn’t say anything about the 3rd Squad Assault that was just added.