Cipher S11 Weekly Recap: Daily Reveals, Ad Posters, Promo Text-Free Art & Livestream Announcement!

It’s another exciting week of news for Fire Emblem Cipher fans! @fecipher has been busy with another series of reveals, including two beautiful SR+ cards for Rowan and Lianna! The twin lords of Fire Emblem Warriors each have a signed card featuring their voice actors, Yuuma and Maaya Uchida. Did you know their voice actors are also siblings?

Joshua from The Sacred Stones also receives an SR this week. Standing alongside him is Natasha, who gets an N and HN combo.

The final official reveals of the week go to Fire Emblem Echoes. Valbar, Kamui, and Leon all had promoted cards revealed this week, an R for Valbar and HNs for Kamui and Leon.

That’s not all the new cards we get to see this week, though. New posters advertising S11 have begun to spring up around Japan. These posters contain a combination of new and previously-released cards in the series.

The poster on the left shows off new cards of Joshua and Faye, while the right poster contains a new card for Clair. Another poster also contained a new card for Colm, but I have been unable to locate an image of the full poster. Separate images of these cards are below.

@cardland_cipher has also shared some beautiful, text-free art from the set. Many of these have been seen before, but often not as clearly. Innes’s full art is also completely new! They also shared photos of background-free arts of Neimi, Joshua, and Anna. Scroll down to the bottom of the article for a full image gallery.

Finally, the official FE Cipher website has officially announced the S11 pre-release livestream! It will fall on Sunday, 3 December, at the usual time of 8:00pm JST (11:00am UTC).

Ryota Kawade and Young will be hosting as usual. Joining them so far are two guests: Hagi Michihiko (voice actor for Ike) and Minami Takahashi (voice actress for Peri). Pre-release livestreams usually focus on opening packs and showing off new cards from the set, though we’ll likely also learn some more Cipher news.

Cipher Series 11 releases in less than three weeks on 7 December! In the meantime, there will be plenty more news, reveals, and speculation. For further discussion about Cipher, feel free to join us in the Cipher subforum on the forums! You can also check out the Cipher Wiki for translations of the cards and more detailed information.

Cipher S11 Promotional Artwork


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