Heroes: Skills That Boost Special Damage Summoning Focus!

The latest skill-based banner has arrived in Fire Emblem Heroes! Summoning Focus: Skills That Boost Special Damage contains 5★ versions of Karel, Nephenee, and Sonya.

These units come with the skills Wo Dao+, Wrath 3, and Dark Excalibur respectively. Each of these skills adds +10 damage to their unit’s Special. You can even combine Wrath with one of the weapon skills for a +20 bonus if you meet the HP requirements!

This new banner will be available until 7 December at 6:59am UTC.

About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor
  • Laggalot101

    People joke “bait” every banner… But this is actually a bait banner, ’cause we know what’s coming next. Though I guess in that sense, at least they’re honest about it.

    Still, this is not a bad banner in its own right. Wo Dao and Slaying Lance, Res Ploy and Wrath are all quite useful skills, and Nephenee and Sonya are both quite decent units as well. Karel… yeah, mostly fodder, I think…

    • Fallen Crow

      Don’t really think this is a “bait” banner. None of the banners have been since like, dauntless Crimeans banner. Really all have had good units.

      • Zog58

        Isn’t that the definition of bait though? We KNOW a better banner is coming in a few days, but now we get the best chance we’ve ever had at Nephenee (blocked by Oscar last time) and Karel (his first time as the only red when he is also in the regular 5 star pool). Granted legendary heroes may not be for everyone, but it is clear IS is trying to give us bait/options to see if they can get more money. It’s a really smart move against the weaker-willed players.

      • Laggalot101

        Well, of course. A banner can’t bait very well if it’s all trash units, now can it?

        • Fallen Crow

          I would not say “better.” It is the same percentage as hero fest, but without random 5 stars. You still are not guarenteed, let’s say a hector, because there are also 2 other units that share the same color.

          • Fallen Crow

            That was meant for the comment below lol.

  • Diovani Estivalet

    This is a good banner. I only do not have Sonya from the focus units. Nephenee is amazing, and Karel is… well… you know…. But sorry new banner, my orbs already have another destiny.

  • Larverto

    I already have the Karel and Nephenee, Sonya was the one I want, and I got all colorless orbs except for one blue