Heroes: Tempest Trials: A Gift of Peace Now Live!

It’s time for another Tempest Trials in Fire Emblem Heroes! Tempest Trials: A Gift of Peace starts today and runs for the next two weeks.

Once again, Masked Marth reaches out to various heroes to help with the arrival of another tempest. Although the heroes are willing to help, someone couldn’t help finding the situation a bit ridiculous…

As usual, you can access the Tempest Trials on the battle screen. The opening screen shows the available Bonus Allies, your current score, and links to Check Rewards or Select Stage. This time, the various maps come from seasonal paralogues. The final map is a rather festive version of Chapter 6 from Awakening and features M!Robin as the boss.

Once again, we get another Log-In Bonus and there are also a variety of rewards that Heroes players can work to earn. The Daily Quests are back and updated with Refining Stones. You can also score lots of rewards for earning up to 99,999 points in the Trials. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Units: 4★ Masked Marth at 2,000 and 5★ Masked Marth at 30,000.
  • Sacred Seals: Threaten Spd at 12,000, Iote’s Shield at 20,000, Heavy Blade at 40,000.
  • Water Blessing at 25,000

There are also Shards, Crystals, Hero Feathers, Sacred Coins, and of course lots of Orbs!

Tempest Trials: A Gift of Peace will last until 6:59am UTC on 9 January.

Daily Tempest Trials Quests

Note: Starting on 2 January, the rewards will double.

Quest Description Reward
Clear Trial Clear one of the final maps in Tempest Trials. 2 Refining Stones
Clear Trial Clear one of the final maps in Tempest Trials. 1 Stamina Potion
Clear Trial Clear one of the final maps in Tempest Trials twice. 1,500 Universal Crystals
Clear Trial Clear one of the final maps in Tempest Trials thrice. 150 Hero Feathers
About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor
  • speedster

    I’m gonna give my +Atk Fury 3 Tana Heavy Blade

    • Zog58

      I was going to do the same for my +Atk Tana with Brave Lance and Galeforce for TT. Great minds think alike…

      • speedster

        Changed my mind. + Atk Elincia with Heavy Blade seal. Tana will get Iote Shield since she’s the second bulkiest unit in my team after my Raventome S!Camilla.

  • Sisyphe

    Cool. Heavy Blade and Iote’s Shield will be fun additions. On the other hand, I think they probably could’ve been a little more generous than 2 refining stones…

    • speedster

      2 x 14 = 28. That’s actually quite a lot of stones.

      • Sisyphe

        Well it’ll probably be 2 x 7 = 14 and then double for the second week (4 x 7 = 28) as it usually does, for a total of 42. That’s not enough to refine even one weapon, so I wouldn’t call that generous for a two-week event

  • mrkisukes

    I was sorta hoping IntSys would give out a special Christmas gift, but seems they’re not that generous. TT is easy this time around despite not heaving any of the 40% bonus heroes; all that means is that I’m running through with Nowi and Masked Marth (who’s slowly gaining more +’s). Sacred Seals are really nice this time around though. Iote’s Shield is gonna help make more Fliers relevant with the massive amounts of B! Lyns plaguing the arena, and Heavy Blade is just OP.