Heroes: Legendary Hero Summoning Event, New Years Hero Silhouettes, and Double EXP & SP Event!

The latest Legendary Hero Summoning Event is now live in Fire Emblem Heroes! Do your best to summon the new Gunnthrá: Queen of Dreams as well as an assortment of additional 5★ heroes, and for an 8% chance at a 5★ too! Check out our earlier article for an intro trailer and full breakdown of Gunnthrá’s skills and the heroes available.

This special summoning event will only be around for a short time, ending on 2 January. However, another Legendary Hero summoning event will likely be arriving late January.

If none of the heroes in this banner interest you much, you may wish to hold onto your Orbs. A New Years Special Hero banner will be arriving shortly! @FE_Heroes_JP shared the following silhouette image to tease the new banner. I wonder who that spiky, pineapple-haired guy could be?

This new banner is arriving just in time for New Years on 31 December along with a new log-in bonus. We should hopefully be getting a trailer in the next day or two to fully introduce the new heroes.

Finally, have fun training up all the new heroes you summon in these banners with a Double EXP & SP event! You’ll earn twice as much EXP and SP in all battles you face. The event starts today and runs through 4 January.

About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor
  • O.H. X-1990

    Gunnthrá is not a free unit, and no new story chapter to unlock her either, and I wasted almost all of the Orbs, and I couldn’t summon her… FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-!!

  • All of the new year characters have already been leaked. 😉

  • mrkisukes

    Figured they wouldn’t make Gunthra an FTP unit, but I’m more disappointed in there being nothing story or quest related for her. They want to see how many people are willing to go for original characters and see if they can make money off them…seems most don’t care for them if they’re not FTP.

    At least I was able to quickly pull a Ryoma from this banner, and with the new banner coming up, I’m calling it quits instead of going for Elise or Sigurd since data mining has already confirmed the characters to be Takumi (dagger), Camilla (flying sword), M! Corrin (bow), and Azura (flying axe). Camilla will have her usual love-hate responses, but Azura’s the most interesting one seeing as her BST is lower than Camilla’s, which most likely means she’s gonna be our first flying singing unit, which if that’s the case…oh boy will the arena meta be shaken up.

    • speedster

      my guess is that she’ll come free with the next story update.

      • mrkisukes

        Don’t hold your breath, I don’t think they’ll do that in fear of the backlash that would result from all those who spend for her.

        • speedster

          when have they ever been afraid of backlash. most people don’t even realize that there’s a banner preview tomorrow/tonight and yet they’re spending their orbs. IS isn’t afraid to make profit.
          Gunttra will be important in the story from the looks of it.
          i’m not having ayra level of expectations. it’s just that i see wind blessing being a TT reward and it’d be redundant if you don’t have Gunttra as a free unit.

          • mrkisukes

            That is true, and I hope you are right…however IS has burned us before with past decisions so I maintain cautious optimism.

          • JC

            I’m not sure if it would just be because of backlash, though. The gacha laws in Japan are somewhat strict, so having a character that premiered as 5* exclusive that you have to ‘pay’ for suddenly become free might go against the laws there (though I’m no expert, so I could be off base a bit). The CYL units and also Fjorm were announced as free in advance and you could summon to get more, but we haven’t seen anything work the other way around yet, at least outside of 3* units (like the current hero quests), where ‘premium’ units suddenly become free.

            Granted, it would be a nice New Years gift or something since they didn’t do much for Christmas, but I won’t hold my breath. I do think it foolish to release this character in advance/without any actual ties to the story, however. Sure, she was alluded to, but no new maps or anything to flesh out her story, and to just throw a new OC character on a banner where she shares a colour with not one but -two- old unit, no less doesn’t exactly inspire confidence for me! >_<

          • Sisyphe

            Isn’t it another water blessing that is the Tempest Trial reward?

    • Diovani Estivalet

      We already have theirs skills.
      Azura, being a Flying dancer with Hone Fliers can be very useful.
      Camilla is the one with the new skill “Spd Def Bond”
      Corrin is a support character, with Rally Def Res and Spur Def Res
      Finally, Takumi is a better Saizo. Also, I can easily see his Kagami Mochi being a weapon which can be refined. Maybe his refined dagger will have the same effect of a refined Smoke Dagger, which is amazing.

      Four really good units. I will try to get all four, but my priority is Azura.

      • mrkisukes

        None of the new skills seen OP, but they do seem to gel well with the characters as a base kit.
        -Camilla’s high Atk/Spd/Def will gel well with Spd/Def Bond. She’ll likely have a lot of versatility to her because of her stats, though I’d say a high Spd build is gonna be the most common one as she’ll easily be able to break 40 Spd and with Hone flyers be even faster that Mia or Ayra.
        -Corrin’s Rally is good, but Corrin himself seems more like a enemy phase unit who’d probably be best as a Close Counter user due to his high Def, or even an anti-B!Lyn or Ayra/Mia unit with Bow or Sword Breaker. You’ll probably want to focus on further bulking him up with a +Def IV and +Def refined weapon making his Def 40.
        -Takumi’s weapon is solid with it’s Killer effect making him more capable of dishing out damage to high Def units qith Moonbow, however his low Def will prove to hinder him against the usual Distant Counter units, just like all the other dagger units. So until they introduce the Firesweep dagger, dagger users will continue to be underwhelming in the current meta.
        -Azura is a singer which is all she needs. Her base weapon is good support, plus her built in Hone Flyers makes her essential in Flyer Emblem teams, but even in normal teams she’ll be a major threat with her high Spd.

        • Diovani Estivalet

          Also, Azura can use the Guidance sacred seal to help others heroes.

    • Shenai

      Flying singer would be neat, but I’ve never been able to get any version of Azura, since launch, so I consider myself somewhat cursed in that regard XD I got 5 Inigos trying to get the green one. But who knows. Maybe the third one will be the charm, or something.

      Congrats on getting Ryoma. I guess I’ll just redeem the free summon and maybe try any other green or red orbs in that same pool, then leave it.

      • mrkisukes

        Good luck on getting Azura, I have both P! Azura and vanilla so I’ll definitely go for this one to add to the collection, but I’m most interested in my girl Camilla since I’m apparently one of the few that likes her for reasons other than her body.

        • Same here. I haven’t pulled this banner yet, but knowing there’s a Camilla coming up definitely changes my original battle plan of pulling with every Orb I get. Also, glad to see you have better taste in Camilla appreciation than most, you’re right about it being ridiculously uncommon.

          • Sisyphe

            I think Camilla has merit (based on her supports), but she was written badly, and to be fanservice, based on what they’ve highlighted about her with future portrayals. I don’t think there’s a way around that, but there was enough to have had a great character with a some effort and a little restraint. I actually think this of Tharja and Faye too, compared to others that seem so bland or so reliant on one character trait that they aren’t salvageable. That said, I don’t think that means people ought to like her more (just perhaps that they should understand that fanservice has opportunity cost)

  • Suicunesol

    Wish I knew more about Gunthra before I pulled her. I’m not terribly impressed with her character, but it is nice to replace Cecilia.

  • Diovani Estivalet

    One of the Gunnthrá’s Quotes is: “I wish that all of my siblings could live happily together. If only…”
    So, there is at least one more Nifl’s prince/princess. At least one more Legendary Hero confirmed.

  • Diovani Estivalet

    So… New Voting Gauntlet: Winter’s Envoy X New Year?

    • O.H. X-1990

      Nah, it’s probably gonna be Hoshido vs. Nohr as the next Voting Gauntlet, and New Years Corrin will probably be on that Hoshido Banner. But then again, he might be a reward for the upcoming January event.

  • Sisyphe

    Pulled a -SPD Brave Roy without trying…but now I can throw all my orbs at that flying, dancing Azura (with Hone Fliers!)