Heroes: Movement Skills Summoning Focus + Special Heroes Tease

As hinted by Fire Emblem Heroes‘s official schedule, a new summoning focus is available today that features Heroes with useful movement skills.

The Heroes in this summoning focus are Elincia, Tana and Amelia who come with Flier Formation 3, Guidance 3 and Armor March 3 respectively. Besides their skills, they’re all exceptional units in their own right.

If you’re seeking to add these ladies to your collection, now is probably the best time, since there are only 3 focus units and none of them share a colour with each other. But don’t forget new Special Heroes will be coming in two days’ time!


Speaking of, the official Japanese Twitter has just posted a pair of silhouettes from the upcoming seasonal banner.

Any guesses who the characters are and what the theme of the banner is?

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