Heroes: Legendary Ryoma: Supreme Samurai Trailer!

The next Legendary Hero is arriving shortly in Fire Emblem Heroes! Check out the trailer below for details about Ryoma: Supreme Samurai. He’s a flying sword user on a Hoshidan Kinshi! You can also find a text breakdown of his skills at the bottom of the article.

11 more 5★ heroes will also be appearing alongside Ryoma, including Christmas and New Years Special Heroes! They are: Young Tiki, Sigurd, Fjorm, Hardin, Christmas Robin, Gunnthrá, Christmas Chrom, New Years Azura, Legendary Robin, Innes, and New Years Takumi.

As usual for Legendary Hero banners, the 5★ summoning rate is raised to 8% and no off-focus 5★ units will be available. You’ll be able to summon for Ryoma: Supreme Samurai and his accompanying heroes starting tomorrow, 30 May.

Ryoma: Supreme Samurai:
  • Raijinto (Sword, Mt 16): Unit can counterattack regardless of foe’s range.
  • Glimmer (Special): Boosts damage dealt by 50%.
  • Kestrel Stance 2 (A slot): If foe initiates combat, grants Atk/Spd +4 during combat.
  • Bushido (B slot): Deals +10 damage when Special triggers.
  • Guidance 3 (C slot): Infantry and armored allies within 2 spaces can move to a space adjacent to unit.
About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor
  • mrkisukes

    This is actually a solid banner; Ryoma himself might seem a bit underwhelming, though we’ll have to wait and see what his stat spread is like to definitely say whether he’s good or not. Bushido seems like a let down as far as a special skill slot goes with it being in my opinion, a worse version of Wrath (the only thing it has going for it is that it doesn’t have the HP threshold requirement). The biggest thing to this banner is all the seasonal units: both Chrom and Robin are great and Flying Azura is arguably the best dancer/singer.

    Plus, a lot of people have been talking about how Tiki’s breath is different from normal and pointing to the future New Powers banner, we’re probably getting a new prf Breath for Tiki, and hopefully for Adult Tiki too. Here’s to hoping my boi Odin gets a new weapon that breaks the meta.

    • Vaximillian

      New breath for both Tikis has been announced for the June update along with refines to Excalibur and Aura.

  • Shenai

    Red and blue for me then.

    • Sisyphe

      Same, or nobody. I don’t have a lot of orbs. But I don’t have any of the red units, and all of them could be useful. Ryoma could be underwhelming though, since I like my two red fliers and his skills don’t look promising. I don’t have either Hardin or Robin, but I’m not looking to pick up another Fjorm really. But I suspect that might not be as much of a concern for you.

      • Shenai

        Same here. I don’t have any of the reds either, Sigurd is one of those that continually elude me. Although I also really don’t think I have a slot for a red sword horse open. I guess I actually have three usable red fliers, but as you know, I can use another one to even out all the blue and green ones. Skillsets can be changed.

        I don’t have Hardin and I wouldn’t mind merging Robin or Fjorm since I like and use them a lot 🙂

        If I try green I know it’ll be Gunnthra XD she really likes me. My only ever free summon 5* and got some more on the next occasion when I wasn’t even trying. Then again with how great wind team’s been for me, more merges wouldn’t be terrible? But again we’re at the point where I don’t have a lot of orbs either.

  • 3-13 Archer

    Pretty meh from my point of view, but then I remembered I don’t have any red flier (a -spd Shiida is useless). I would go for Innes, but I’m not risking because of Grima and Takumi.
    So blue it is, my Hardin is +res and boy if he tanks mages. He deserves merges.

  • Diovani Estivalet

    I am not impressed by Kinshyoma’s skills. Stance skills are used in enemy’s phase, so I need to see in practice the Kestrel Stance. Depending his stats, Sturdy Stance 2 will be a better choice. From the Legendary passive skills, Bushido is the weakest one. Kinshyoma will probably be a fast unit, so Desperation is a better choice than Wo Dao B-slot. Guidance? The only flying unit I use in a mixed team in Ninian, but she has Res Tactic. I never used Guidance, so I will switch it for a buffing skill. For me, Kinshyoma’s stats will decide if I will use him or not.

    I use NY Camilla in my flying team, and she is great! Kinshyoma needs to be a really good unit to make me use him.

  • 100%B-Type

    Water Blessing? Because he is a Flying Lobster.

  • Stevosan

    He’s gonna have to be pretty amazing to vie for Our Lady Elincia to bow out… A tricky one here, we’ll see.
    I mean, another sword flying unit is always good, it’s not like I have much other choice in that pool. Might be good enough to use on another backup team if he’s not good enough to join my Flip-Flappers.

  • ashlyn

    I like Ryoma and I think he looks pretty cool here but at the same time I’m not too excited by it. I’m more excited to see the other units in this Legendary Banner! My only dilemma now is that I don’t know if I should put orbs into this banner or keep trying to get bridal Tharja.

  • Ah, excellent, I was worried I’d need to actually use my Orbs on this Banner, but nope, only Unit I might be interested in is Grima, and it’s not worth risking an Innes to go more than the Free Pull. Thank goodness, this means I can continue my Bridelia quest uninterrupted.