Heroes: Summer Returns with Three Familiar Faces and One New Hero

Our second summer since Fire Emblem Heroes released, brings us our third batch of swimsuit-clad battlers, with the incoming Summer’s Arrival banner. Hopefully, this banner can appeal to you, as it brings fans access to a new Awakening unit, Noire, as well as some classics from Fire Emblem Sacred Stones.

Included in this banner are our second Red Tome flier, as well as a handful of new weapons and skills that bestow some pretty wild effects.

Despite the pineapples, Takumi isn’t featured in this seasonal banner.

As typical, there will be a paralogue series of three chapters to provide orbs as rewards through, so even if you aren’t thrilled about the units themselves, the orbs are too easy to pass up. Fans interested in the Japanese banner video, can click here to view it.

Summer’s Arrival will be available starting on June 21 at 11p PT, and will continue to be available through July 25 at 11p PT, so there’s plenty of time to get your hands on a new summer swimmer if you have the desire to do so.

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Cordelia: Knight Paradise, a Lance Cavalier.

  • Shell Lance+ | 14 Mt | 1 Rng
    • If unit initiates combat, grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res +2 during combat.
  • Harsh Command (Assist)
  • Sturdy Blow 2 (A)
  • Dull Close 3 (B)
    • If foe uses sword, lance, axe or dragonstone, neutralizes foe’s bonuses (from skills like Fortify, Rally, etc.) during combat.

Noire: Shade Seeker, a Bow Infantry.

  • Cocobow+ | 12 Mt | 2 Rng
    • Effective against flying foes. If unit initiates combat, grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res +2 during combat.
  • Ardent Sacrifice (Assist)
  • Atk/Spd 2 (B)
  • Infantry Rush 3 (C)
    • Infantry allies within 2 spaces gain: “If unit’s Atk >= foe’s Atk +1, grants Special cooldown charge +1 per attack. (Only highest value applied. Does not stack.)”

Innes: Flawless Form, an Axe Flier.

  • Beach Banner+ | 14 Mt | 1 Rng
    • If unit initiates combat, grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res +2 during combat.
  • Rally Atk/Def (Assist)
  • Def Feint 3 (B)
    • If a Rally Assist skill is used by unit or targets unit, inflicts Def -7 on foes in cardinal directions of unit through their next actions.
  • Goad Fliers (C)

Tana: Noble and Nimble, a Red Tome Flier.

  • Fruit of Idunn | 14 Mt | 2 Rng
    • Grants Spd +3. If unit’s HP >=  50%, allies within 2 spaces can move to a space adjacent to unit.
  • Rally Spd/Res (Assist)
  • Atk/Spd Push 3
    • At start of combat, if unit’s HP = 100%, grants Atk/Spd +5, but if unit attacked, deals 1 damage to unit after combat.
  • Renewal 3 (B)
  • Spur Atk/Def 2 (C)


About the Author: Elieson
Single father of 2 in Texas. Avid enthusiast of tile-based games and overall upstanding fellow.
  • mrkisukes

    Noire and Tana are the ones I’m mot interested in. That Drive Heavy Blade skill Noire has is quite interesting, and Tana could be an amazing flying mage if her BST is anything like her vanilla self.

  • Jesus Ojeda

    Poor Tana should be careful. One more alt and people will start hating her to death and calling her a “thot” and such.

    • Semi Colon Parenthesis

      It’s the internet. Everyone is a “thot”, “thicc”, “waifu”, etc.

    • Slixer

      They probably ready started it to be fair. I imagine Noire will get hatred to for who her mother is. The fan base is pretty dire.

    • speedster

      Calling out one part of the fandom for being toxic yet acts toxic towards them.
      I’m not going to start a war or anything, but the fandom in general is tired of seeing the same character get multiple alts. Though there are people like in any fandom that are disrespectful towards female characters getting too much attention, there’s an equal amount of those who act toxic in response to their comments.
      Who knows? Maybe some of the haters are asexual or female that don’t just see the appeal in the popular female characters. Not that I’d think it excuses such behaviour.

  • Kurono

    Of course the swinsuit characters would end up with the better skills and probably better stats, while TT units…

  • 3-13 Archer

    That Innes looks specially delicious, but I prefer Tana since she’s a red mage flier. And the banner will last a whole month, so I’m saving for the legendary.

  • bloodcoveredfangirl

    I feel a bit annoyed because there are three females and only one guy like wtf I want half naked dudes like all the male players want girls. While I think there is nothing wrong with having all these “waifus” I feel like it’s so unfair that there are hardly any fan service of the male characters. There should be two female and two male characters.

    • speedster

      I agree with you on this. There shouldn’t be a “there are more male players” excuse. Players of different gender should be treated equally. Trying to overappeal to only one audience and giving meh appeal to another one will risk in female players becoming disillusioned with the game. They’d move onto another gatcha that appreciates their players more and doesn’t try so hard to appeal to one gender

      • Pretty Russian Boye

        Nigger fcuk are you retards spouting? The female audience doesn’t even make 10% of the playerbase, why the fuck would you favor that small amount over the vast majority?

        • speedster

          wow. coming in a little hot. are you by chance using the reddit survey? there aren’t really any official surveys and reddit is just one cmmunity

          • and it’s a shit one at that. but really, it’s quite funny how the benefits the female units have show exactly what priorities the devs have.

          • Pretty Russian Boye

            It’s a weeb phone game about anime tiddy, why the fuck would women, let alone anyone play this garbage?

        • “The female audience doesn’t even make 10% of the playerbase.” that’s like saying that women in general are not supposed to be gamers. It’s 2018! Where do you get those imaginary numbers? From an anti-feminist gaming site?

          • Pretty Russian Boye

            “It’s the current year”
            I pray to Allah that you were being ironic. Seeing as how you’re a retard, let me put it in simple terms for you. Catering to the minority is bad for business, you imbecile, you lose more than you invest into that catering and that’s why they don’t fucking do it.
            Also, women don’t give a shit about video games, only the loser ones do and it is mostly due to the attention.

      • this thing has started a disussion on reddit where we’re looking at the male vs. female unit thing. Its pretty much equal, but females get put more on special banners and come with better sought after skills/ come fully equipped with skills. To make any guy pretty much viable you have to do some heavy Skill Inheritance. Like look at Swift Sparrow. It only comes on 8 units, all girls. It was okay during the first few months but after the Love Abound Banner things went downhill (LA HECTOR is the last seasonal male unit to basically come fully equipped with skills you mostly want to keep. L.Ryoma basically you need to face-life his skills). More males on GHB and TT, which isn’t a good thing because A) A lot of them turn out to either be mediocre or you need to invest A LOT of SI into them in order to make them viable B) You can merge them much so not much you can do regarding stats C) Some of them just exist for fodder & D) Players who weren’t around during those periods missed out or basically have to wait forever for them to return. So yeah, this game has a major hard on in making the “Waifus” more prevalent.

  • Diovani Estivalet

    Know I know their skills, I can say: skippable.
    Tana is the only one that interested me. Cordelia is… meh, Noire’s Infantry Rush is great but only one of my units in my infantry team could use it so… meh. Innes is… meh… again.
    I would like to get Tana for my Tactic Team, but I can wait to decide. We have the Legendary Banner and the 2nd special banner, so I can wait.

    • Zog58

      We are completely in agreement, funnily enough. I too am interested in putting Tana on my Tactics team, but I want to wait till late July before I consider pulling. We can at least see what the July calendar has, you know? Plus if you need DC, Hector is back soon too.

      • Diovani Estivalet

        Yeah. It’s good to see another player wanting Summer Tana for the Tactic Team. I have L’ Ike (Def), Siegbert (Atk), L’ Lyn (Spd) and Bride Ninian (Res, Def SS), so I would switch Siegbert for Tana and give her Atk Tactic. Also, there is the possibilty of Valentive Hector in the Legendary Banner for DC, since all New Years units already appeared and I am sure we will not have only Xmas Tharja and Xmas Lissa as Seasonal Units, and the Next Legendary Hero will be a green one, so would be the best chance for trying to get the L’ Hero and Hector at the same time.

        • Zog58

          That’s a good point about Hector. And we know he’ll be on the BHB banner too.

          My tactics team is Eirika, L’Arachel, LA!Lilina, and just needed a red mage, and Tana is my favorite FE 8 unit. But I need to make sure my merge projects aren’t on the calendar.

          • Diovani Estivalet

            That’s a good Tactic team. I used L’Arachel before Bride Ninian, and she is a good unit. I want a red mage for my team too.
            I didn’t get Summer Tana, so I need to go to my others Red Mages: Mage Eirika or Halloween Nowi, both are +Spd -Def. Eirika has more Spd and her Tome works pretty well with Swift Sparrow, but Nowi has better mobility and Res. What do you think is the better opition? I also have Kinshinoka (+Spd -HP), but then I would have 2 archers. And I also have LA!Linina (+Spd -Atk), but I would prefer another color.

            Wow… looks like I am lucky with +Spd units…

          • Zog58

            I would say SM!Eirika only because you don’t have a cavalier on the team, and they are really useful for hit and run tactics. Nowi is better served on a Flier team due to her mobility, but that is just my opinion.

            In fact, you could make a separate flier team with Kinshinoka and Nowi as the core. Just throw some F2P fliers like Catria, Est or Michalis in there and with some SI for Goad Fliers you would be set!

            Also, Legault got demoted, so maybe try to get him for Atk Tactics instead?

          • Diovani Estivalet

            You mean get Legault to use him in the team or get him to pass the skill to another unit?

          • Zog58

            Sorry, should have clarified, use him as Atk Tactic fodder so you can use Siegbert elsewhere. A 4 star obtainable unit just isn’t as valuable, but that’s just my opinion.

          • Diovani Estivalet

            Right. Also, I want to remove Siebert from my team but never thought of killing him for the skill. I will test Eirika in the team.Thanks.

  • 100%B-Type

    Nice side-view from Noire! Tana & Cordelia sure hits the spot~ Also, Innes be more like InNice.
    Maybe I get next time my Micaiah Summer-Banner.
    Anyway,it would be a good chance for a fresh blue Bow unit with this banner.

  • dmurr

    I wish they wouldn’t introduce new characters with alts before they add them regularly. Still waiting for regular Charlotte here.

    • speedster

      Same bro. Just give me Charlotte, but make her available at 4* rarity

    • awakening in general is an alt of fe1/3 so it makes sense I guess

      • . (Omega)

        No it isn’t.

        • sure is. the whole story is an attempt at parody which just ends up insulting to longtime fans

          • How is the story of a lonesome mage who turned out to be the vessel of a Demon Dragon pitting against a Divine one, an insult to longtime fans? I’m a longtime fan, since the Melee era, and I’ve enjoyed the Awakening storyline just as much as FE3’s storyline. It’s Fates’ storyline that is insulting.

          • You may just be more tolerant to crap writing than me. FE stories were never amazing, but they were certainly above average in a lot of cases. Awakening is too shallow in its execution and plays out far too much like a comedy.

          • . (Omega)

            It really isn’t. Awakening is a giant reference game meant to invoke nostalgia and enjoyment of all the things they loved about Fire Emblem over the years. If anything, Awakening actually praises everyone in Fire Emblem, and had it not been for the references and was its own standalone story, it was actually good.

            Furthermore, going by the structure, Awakening resembles FE4 more than FE3, since it ultimately was to lead to the revival of the dark dragon from a vessel, has the main hero die, and the next generation takes over.

          • Exactly, but it’s the fact that it’s a giant reference game that messes it up. There are several characters that instead of being an example of a certain archetype ends up being a parody of it. They’re a poor comedic takes on the archetype instead of being normal characters that fit into it. I have serious doubts you have played FE1, FE3 or its remake if you don’t notice these things.

            And it was the ‘praise of everything Fire Emblem’ that pissed me off the most about the game. It wasn’t content with being a shit story on its own, it also had to drag everything else down with it.

          • . (Omega)

            You sound more like someone that hates everything about Awakening and think everything about it is shit. But Awakening, despite being a reference game, managed to actually tell a neat story with lots of potential that was sadly just rushed. Every arc and reference they placed in clearly shows a lot of love towards the franchise and still working to tell a compelling enough story about how the struggle to overcome destiny is difficult.

            Just cause you think everything about it is shit doesn’t mean the rest of us do. I for one absolutely loved everything about Awakening, and the characters all have their own unique quirks. In fact, rather than fully obeying an archetype and ultimately being simply a carbon copy that functions in a different environment, I much prefer how they gave every character their unique quirks that gave them much more individuality.

            And for the record, yes, I played Shadow Dragon and New Mystery, and no, even then your claim that its a rip off of FE3 doesn’t stand.

            So the ‘praise of everything Fire Emblem’ was great and your claim that it’s shit is just a claim, and not fact.

          • And even if you think it’s great it doesn’t mean everyone does. See how this argument is trash? I do hate a lot of the things Awakening did but it’s not mindless hate. My claims are legit criticism that you cannot simply dismiss with ‘A lot of people like it, therefore it’s good’, before backing up your argument with a claim of your own. It makes you come off as incredibly insular when you call out my argument for something while reinforcing your own with the exact same thing.

            I like the FE games that stray from the FE3 formula, but when those differences break the gameplay experience, I’m going to have a problem with it. The gameplay is significantly worse than the games that came before it, and that is more or less objective so I’m not going to bother talking too much about that part. The whole story and setting itself is simply fanservice aimed at the Japanese audience who hold Mystery in high regard, and the mechanics that are brought back in an attempt to tie the series together is executed much worse than their original appearances. It’s just too much of too little and it ends up being a bloated mess which has no real redeeming gameplay features unless grinding is what you live for.

            Though, I do find it a bit funny how you praise the quirks of the characters as a positive point when it’s clearly the opposite. For someone who has never played a FE game before and has Awakening as their first game I can see how they would think this is the case, but for people who has been with this series for a long time it should be evident how flat and tropey these characters are. How does a game with a supposed focus on war and tactical gameplay have characters that feel like they grew up doing nothing but watch anime and read twitter posts? I wouldn’t call the older characters amazingly deep but it’s sure as hell much better than whatever Awakening brought to the table. It feels far too bubblegum for what it should’ve been, and that in turn along with the underdeveloped story makes it impossible to take seriously. Again, it ends up being a complete parody. The story had one moment which was sad but which was reversed later anyway because ‘lol everyone has to get laid’.

          • . (Omega)

            Awakening was the first FE game I played through all the way, but I played others when I was younger, but didn’t have the patience to handle the permadeath feature. Then as I aged and gained some, I played Awakening since it was new, and that jumped me back into the series and thus I looked at the others.

            Again, I don’t understand why you would say this is the FE3 formula, when many features were never in FE3. Unless you are going by the evil sorcerer reviving evil dragon schtick, but seriously, that’s legit every other Fire Emblem game. But this tags multiple other cases as well. You’re gonna have to be more specific about why you are saying this is following the same FE3 formula, cause I honestly don’t understand the logic you are following.

            Though there were plenty of fanservice, Awakening still tells its own story. We’ve seen many Fire Emblem characters in the past and there have done the same thing, but here we’ve gotten a much better chance to see and understand the characters. First off, thanks to the much more improved Support system, we got to see so many character interactions that we’d never get to see in other games cause of the retarded “5 Support Max” feature. So we got to see plenty of interactions that were very interesting and made for compelling characters to be better understood.

            And there are plenty of characters that have plenty of depth. The entire structure of Lucina’s quest to stop Grima is because her future is in ruins. She loses her battle and has to resort to running away from her world just to create another world that can survive. Everything in the story has actually been structured to make us think we’re making a difference, but we end up not. Whenever there comes a time when we make a choice in the game, regardless of the choice, nothing we do mattered until the last one. The flaws in Awakening that is criticized is generally due to how the overall game and story was rushed, cramming three arcs into one. Yeah, I do not deny that hurt the quality, but even then for what it gave, it was handled very well. They could have done more, but they put in as much time and effort they could in the time they were given, especially one where it was meant to be the last. Had Awakening been the last, it was a nice farewell. But it isn’t, so we have a future, and now we have more criticisms because there are loose ends to be tied.

            And I’m assuming you are referring to maybe Emmeryn’s death, which she then comes back from, and even then, that’s not as happy as you think. Emmeryn is nothing but a shell of her former self. She has no memory of her family and she speaks in a broken manner. And she has to really die for her to actually remember. It’s a sick joke if you ask me.

          • Replying here because your post is missing for some reason.

            I was mainly talking about the story and characters. I mean heck, look at the them. As I said, they’re all poor comedic takes on the original games. Cordelia is obsessed with Chrom because lol Catria has a small talking point about being in love with Marth. Kellam is lol invisible lol because early game knights are generally forgettable as units and characters. Lon’qu is lmao gynophobic because Nabarls joins the army because they’re easily swayed or pushed around by females. Frederick is an actual butler haha because Jagens always look out and manage for their lords. Nowi is a half naked loli because lol all the manaketes are cute young girls lol. Gregor is hahah so much older than everyone else because mercenaries are typically older than the rest of the cast. That’s around the point where you also realise the game really tries to follow FE3’s beats incredibly poorly and makes itself feel like a fanfiction.

            I have nothing against people enjoying the 3DS FE games but also understand that I can be incredibly harsh against poor game design and writing. I play these games primarily for the gameplay, but even though Awakening has bad gameplay and tried to shift the focus from that to supports and character interaction it still messed that up as well. You say the new support system is good, but is it really? A limit of five supports in the past were a way to incite players into finding the most optimal pairings, while also contributing to what gave the games a ton of replayability. FE games have always been about multiple playthroughs if you didn’t already know. Removing a cap like that would’ve risked making the games imba by allowing people to stack the bonuses. The limited supports also made the conversations be unique and have a bigger importance to character development as it felt like they had an actual purpose. The characters that got together after the game also made finishing it with good pairings feel like an accomplishment, whereas in Awakening it’s an afterthought. The perfect example of supports done right is in FE8 between Duessel and Amelia where she learns about her mother, and that’s not even a romantic support chain. Now compare this to Awakening. You can talk about how the game was made better for having a ton of supports but the fact that every character was capable of hooking up with anyone of the opposing gender made the supports themselves feel really hollow and plastic. The premise that everyone had to get along with everyone else even when it made no sense hurt the whole experience. Why would Tharja hook up with someone else when her whole character trait is being obsessed with Robin? And even if you do get her together with someone else and finish her supports, she goes right back to being obsessed with Robin straight away. The same thing happens with Cordelia as well. Even when the game tries to be more about character interaction the supports are written with no regard to how the gameplay affects them, which renders them completely useless. The fact that Emmeryn came back from death at all only served to show how far the series has fallen, no matter under what circumstances she was brought back under. It just proved where the focus of the game was. The same goes for recruiting the enemy leaders.

            Unfortunately, while the story in the game had potential, it fell short, and not only because it tried to do too much. It doesn’t take itself seriously at all which is a terrible thing you can do when dealing with a semi-serious subject matter. Everyone is written like they are in a comedy, and shifting between dramatic scenes and ‘haha what’s the colour of your underwear’ really doesn’t help it in that regard.

          • . (Omega)

            Wonder why it vanished? Weird.

            First off, Cordelia’s obsession with Chrom isn’t even obsession. Unrequited love has occurred multiple times in other Fire Emblem games. Are those suddenly a parody? Hell, look at Priscilla in FE7, who has multiple endings that end with her being unable to be with the guys she likes. And Lon’qu having gynophobia being a joke with Navarre? Please, at least Lon’qu actually links it to his past that can be explored on through supports, which is far more than Navarre ever gave us even to this day where we know nothing despite how Warriors gave us multiple support conversations with Navarre. Nowi is basically like a Tiki, but then you can legit argue the same about Myrrh and Fae. Nowi is not that unique of a case here, apart from how she dresses. You kidding about Gregor or what? We have not had someone be around Gregor’s age, who is between middle-age and a straight up old man. Least with Gregor’s supports, we see much more of the wisdom and caring side of him than many other mercenaries have.

            All those characters you are criticizing actually HAVE more personality than a majority of any of the FE3 cast. And a bunch more FE games beyond that. They have unique and several have relatable circumstances that you find. Yeah, some quirks are there, but you can actually KNOW these characters. Most character in the past are just there or are blocked by numbers, being bases and growths that you bench once they are done.

            And yes, the limit of 5 supports in the past was utter shit. Why? Cause there’s nothing optimal in utilizing them once you permanently bench characters. Awakening actually uses supports as it’s structure in the game, allowing many pair ups to not just see supports, but to even utilize in gameplay that allows you to perform multiple combinations. I will grant it that the past support system had a bit more quality in there, while the new one has cases of being in quantity, but at the very least, you won’t end up needing to replay the game over and over and over again to see the supports with others. And yes, the S support thing has criticisms that I will not deny, but even then, some conversations were truly heartfelt and touching that can be appreciated. And the 2nd Gen have a cast of characters that are very lovable like Owain and Inigo, and the case of their quirks is far more justified when you think about how they needed those quirks just to survive their hellish world. The fact they lived through hell without turning edgelords is a miracle, and that deserves praise.

            And just cause Tharja is obsessed with Robin doesn’t mean that she is incapable of loving another. I admit why she is obsessed with Robin is a mystery, but a lot of her supports actually shows great things about her. For more info, actually look at Ghast’s Support Science vids. You can also look at one for Cordelia as well.

            Like it’s the first time that Fire Emblem brought back a character that died? Ninian died and then she was brought back to life. Frey was supposed to have died in Shadow Dragon, but he lived. Gharnef died and came back a spirit. Oliver was supposed to have died in Path of Radiance, but came back in Radiant Dawn, same as the Black Knight. Like why would Emmeryn somehow surviving be criticized even worse than the others? Cause that’s pretty bullshit if you ask me.

            Overall, Awakening has a fantastic cast of characters that still have much potential behind them, and set many things up that should not be changed because they made many positive changes. The story is rushed overall but even despite that, the story is not bad at all, but simply lacking. The writers dived into this with the intention of this being the end of Fire Emblem. If they dived into this again with the intention of making a full story game with this, they can easily make it happen in the future.

          • Great, our posts are being detected as spam. Apparently being elaborate is a bad thing… 🙂

            You absolutely can parody that and that’s exactly what they did. There’s also more to their characterisation than what was established in FE1 as well. FE3 and especially and outside material like BS gave them more than just their recruitment and death lines. The reason I brought up those characters is because behaving like a parody of their own archetype instead of primarily being their own character can only bee seen as a negative. I’m not sure why you’re trying to justify those character examples I brought up when you doing so only strengthens my point further. You have to understand that FE stories work best when the settings prop up their characters. The characters themselves can be somewhat bland but as long as they’re doing something that makes sense it’s fine. The Jugdral and Tellius games aren’t exactly character studies but the setting and conflicts are believable. There is never a point in those games where I’m wondering why certain characters are still fighting for their cause. I constantly had that thought when playing Awakening and Fates. The reason Jugdral and Tellius had the best stories was because of their settings, and not because their characters were quirky.

            Sure, you may call it personality, but I call it tropes. Literally only tropes, to the point where it’s almost disingenious to call them characters. I won’t need to see those videos because I have a perfectly good understanding how each character works. I could see how Tharja as a character would make sense if she did a Morrigan and got pregnant for other reasons, but that’s not how it plays out. As I said, even when I paired her up with Gaius she goes back to being Robin’s stalker. And regarding Cordelia, the point is not unrequited love. The point is that she still has those feelings for Chrom even after she has an S support with someone else. Same thing with Emmeryn, the point is not that she’s brought back to life, but for what reason she is brought back (literally only to fuck the avatar if male). If you don’t think that’s terrible writing then I don’t know what to tell you.

            Honestly speaking, how often does what’s being talked about in Awakening actually matter? This is also why the limited supports in the older game also felt more realistic. You had to keep units together for a long time before you got them to A rank, and once you did they had far more important things to talk about than “Hey, here’s my character quirk, now show me your character quirk” which is effectively what all Awakening supports consist of. To sum up how I feel about supports, quality over quantity.

            You must be immune to otaku culture if you cannot see how these characters are worse than the old ones. They can have a a thousand lines of text in each conversation but as long as they don’t talk about anything important, which they don’t, it’s not going to matter. In past games characters spoke less but the things they said were more compelling. All this focus on pointless conversation which is basically just small talk no matter how far into the story you are hurts the overall experience, as you can clearly feel that the story, gameplay and supports are three different aspects that are developed individually, unlike the previous games which had all of these integrated into each other for a more concise and linear experience.

          • . (Omega)

            Apparently. XP
            Even so, I enjoy this.

            This could just be a case of us having different kinds of tastes. What’s good and bad would have to be a case of what’s universally accepted as the norm.

            Actually, the argument that they are parody doesn’t work as well because for one thing, we have archetypes. We literally have the same type of character that has the same kind of circumstances, and follow under the same kind of principles. Despite the kind of depth they are seen to have, it’s honestly can be argued the others of the same archetype fall under the exact same conditions.

            That actually isn’t, and there are still more to it than that. Also, have you actually LOOKED at Tharja’s endings? There is literally only TWO endings where her obsession with Tharja is actually mentioned, being unpaired and Kellem’s endings. Meaning that in all the other ones, Tharja actually DOES move on and settle with her family. And Cordelia never actually indicates that she’s still in love with Chrom after marrying. Unless of course you are referring to the case of redoing supports where it indicates that she does still love Chrom, but she does make it clear in several S-supports that she moved on, and her endings clearly shows that she has moved on as well. So no, I would argue that you didn’t actually pay any attention to two of these characters that you were trouping just now, and instead just looked and judged that all are the same. Actually look at the videos before making harsh judgments like that. The point of those videos that I mentioned is the case of understanding new perspectives.

            Have every supports in the old games actually stuck to the topic at hand with the story? No, it hasn’t. There are many supports that plays absolutely zero role to the story at hand, or has nothing to do with it. Yet we have it nonetheless. The point is to learn more about the characters themselves and understand them. Which you are far more likely to find in Awakening thanks to the removal of the five support restriction.

            The supports in the old ones lacked the quantity, while the new ones lack more quality. However, neither is more important than the other, because lacking in one hurts the other. What is needed is more balance.

  • speedster

    One of my buddies got me thinking that the amount of colored bow units will be low. They’ll only be colored if they’ve got a legendary bow that has an elemental affinity.