FEH Channel July 19 2018: A Breakdown

Feh returns with another episode of the Feh Channel, this time 18 minutes in length!

This episode starts with Feh greeting us from the beach, before immediately jumping into a FE Awakening announcement featuring New Heroes!

Libra, Maribelle, Sumia and a new variant of Olivia (a Flier), are all announced to be coming in the upcoming Ylissean Travelers, starting on July 20 at 12a PST. We’ll have another post detailing their skills and availability when it deploys live.

Additionally, a Grand Hero Battle featuring Walhart: The Conquerer, begins on July 29 at 12a PST. He looks fierce!





After the Awakening announcement, comes Feh’s very own Feh’s Summer Celebration, in which we celebrate our 1.5 year anniversary. This will iclude

  • Feh’s Summer Celebration Log-In Bonus
  • August 2 and August 16, will feature two orbs per day, for two weeks each (28 orbs in total)
  • Daily Reward Maps will return with a new map each day, featuring 4 of the top 40 heroes, giving us 10 maps in total, with a Normal and Hard mode for 1 orb each. These run from August 2, for 10 days
  • Tempest Trials+  brings us a revisit of Masked Marth, Clive, Tobin, Arden, Joshua and Black Knight as repeat prizes, letting your merges or skill inheritance restart. These come back starting on August 14.

  • Daily Summoning Events bring in Daily Summoning Events, and 15 returning ones at that! You’ll see returning 2017 Focus banners such as Heroes with Death Blow, and Heroes with Hone Atk. These are only available for 24 hours, starting on August 2. Of course, the first summon in each is free, but each is only available for one day, so don’t pass these free summon chances up!

After all of this news, we get details on the next Version Update, bringing us:

  • The next Grand Conquest, starting August 1
    • New Standings featuring Top Players within each army, which contributes towards a ranking system for up to 3,000 feathers per army ranking tier
    • Point modifiers for teams that have lower area control, will give them a boost in points to catch back up for control
  • Weapon Refinery finally boosting the Askr Heroes trio, Alfonse, Sharena and Anna (all at a cost of 500 Arena Medals, 400 SP and 200 Divine Dew:
    • Alfonse’s Folkvangr obtains HP+3, +Atk/Def +7 if under 80% HP, and Triangle Adept 3.
    • Sharena’s Fensalir gives her HP+3, Spd/Def Bond 3, and also neutralizes opponent hard buffs from Rallies, Fortifies, etc.
    • Anna’s Noatun gives her HP+3, lets her warp around if HP >= 50% within 2 spaces, as if she has Halloween!Nowi’s Grimoire weapon ability.
  • Arena Update comes in on August 14, gives us a new tier called Great Summoner, letting your Home screen get updated with a tracker to see how often you’ve hit Great Summoner status. This goes to exceptional performers in Tier 20, so it’ll be only for the best of the best.
    • For each enemy beaten by a Bonus hero, you’ll obtain an additional 3 points per enemy hero defeated. Strategize your KOs!

Finally, we’re introduced to the new event, Forging Bonds, which is a new event built around advancing Support mechanics to focus on the event characters, which in this events case, will focus on the new Ylissean Travelers banner.

As you complete these battles, defeating enemies with certain units results in drops of colored hearts within these mystery chests, representing connections to friendship, which let you obtain goodies like consumable prizes and wearable headgear.

There are quite a few new headgears available, and for a neat twist, if you equip the proper accessories on your heroes, your Bond points received in battle will be boosted. Occasionally, you’ll receive boosts to your Friendship acquisition points via modifiers. Of course, there’s more, but Feh won’t tell us the rest quite yet!

This feature starts on July 23, and lasts for 2 weeks. For each day, you can earn one orb for the first time you clear a stage (for 14 in total). Of course, we’ll all receive 20 free orbs to celebrate. Logging in by August 5 gives you these orbs as a prize.

Japanese viewers can find this Feh Channel’s Japanese version by clicking here.

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