“Fire Emblem World”: Daily Characters & Weekly Songs Round 4

It’s time for another slightly obscure Sunday update! As usual, we’ll be looking at the upcoming schedule for the rotating characters and songs on the Japanese Fire Emblem World website.

For those not in the know, the website–which serves as a Fire Emblem hub–was overhauled near the end of 2018. The new version features a different character on the front page every day, plus a different song every week.

Last month, we covered the schedule from 25th February to 17th March 2019. Which means it’s almost out of date. But have no fear, because we can check the page source use our crystal ball to see the future!

18th – 24th March: Fates

Featured song: A Dark Fall (Fire)

A fairly predictable line up: male Corrin with Azura, his older brothers and sisters, plus Felicia. Presumably we’ll get female Corrin and her younger siblings and Jakob later. By the way, Camilla’s file name is typo’d.

25th – 31st March: Shadow Dragon and Blade of Light

Featured song: Story 5 (Encounter)

Marth, Caeda and Merric make a re-appearance; Caeda’s filename is again mislabeled as “Sedgar” like when Mystery of the Emblem was featured… Hardin, Nyna and Minerva are important and popular characters, while Wrys is meme material.

1st – 7th April: Gaiden

Featured song: World Map Ch. 2 (Celica’s Journey)

Alm and Celica make a return since they’re the main characters. When Echoes was featured, Celica’s party outnumbered Alm’s party, but it’s the other way round now.

8th – 14th April: Thracia 776

Featured song: Leif’s Army in Search of Victory (Base)

Leif and Nanna are super obvious choices. Then we have… Olwen, Reinhardt and Saias, who are relatively popular in their own right, but probably added here because of Heroes. Having Eyvel and Mareeta (foster mother and daughter) together is nice as well.

15th – 21st April: Shadow Dragon

Featured song: Come, Join Us

So this is Marth’s third appearance so far–and he’s probably going to show up a fourth time when it’s New Mystery‘s turn. Camus was probably chosen because he’s a popular rival, while the remaining characters are all new additions for the DS remake.

Note: The schedule may change without notice.

After this, the schedule ends for now. From here, the only games left to be featured are New Mystery of the Emblem and Three Houses. Now, there’s definitely going to be Three Houses at some point, but I’m wondering if it’s too soon.

In any case, once the website has run out of games, it’s extremely likely they’re bring back games that have already been featured, but with different characters and songs. Recently, they changed the back end so the same game can have different songs.

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