Heroes: BHB Revival, daily banner, incoming Røkkr Sieges, and new Royalty Convenes video!

Today’s Heroes news begins with a Bound Hero Battle Revival.

BHBR: Elincia & Nephenee is available to challenge from today until the 31st of August, 6:59am UTC. Earn up to 9 Orbs by completing the BHB in all difficulties (if you haven’t already), and a further 5 Orbs by completing the accompanying quests.

As stated in the title of this post, there is now a part 2 posted by the Nintendo Mobile YouTube channel of Royalty Convenes, titled “Walking with the People.”

The four CYL3 winners discuss their previous connections and experiences with common-folk before they reached their current positions in royalty. You can watch the Japanese version here.

Click on “Read more” for information on today’s daily 2018 banner re-run and information on changes to the upcoming Røkkr Sieges.

Today’s daily 2018 re-run banner is Heroes with Ward Skills.

Here you can find Brave Lyn, Brave Ike, and Sigurd on focus for one day only. Don’t forget to grab your free summon, if nothing else.

Finally, it has been announced that a new Røkkr Sieges event is coming soon.

It will begin on the 23rd of August, 7:00am UTC. A few changes have been made to the mode since last time:

  • Dragonflowers will now be part of the Damage Rewards
  • Number of Røkkr that appear in Battle 3 is reduced to 4 from 6.
  • Some of the Røkkr skills have been replaced with stat modifiers.

That would be all for today.

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