Three Houses: Wave 4 DLC Characters & Classes (Placeholders) Found in Version 1.1.0. Data

Earlier this week, Version 1.1.0. of Three Houses landed, bringing in playable Jeritza and Anna, fancy maid costumes, the sauna, animal play-time and various other hi-jinks. As it happens, Version 1.1.0. also contains some hidden data related to the upcoming Wave 4 DLC…

For those unaware, Wave 4 is planned for release before May 2020 and will feature brand new story content, playable characters, etc. According to the Famitsu guidebook, the new story content is known as “Abyss Mode” (at least in the Japanese version).

Since the new update, the sneaky developers have already started setting up the new story content. Eager fans may have noticed various in-game references to the abyss below Garreg Mach Monastery and its mysterious inhabitants, the “Abyssians”. Which weren’t there before.

Ironically, there’s more below the surface… Thanks to leftover placeholder data found in the new update, we can shed some more light on some of the content planned for Wave 4. In particular, the 4 new characters and classes mentioned in Famitsu.

Before we continue, please note that the information in this article is all from our preliminary searches–and there’s probably more to be found. Also, some of the data may change once the DLC is actually released. Last but not least, a big thanks to DeathChaos25 for their research and assistance!

In the update data, there is new placeholder data for multiple characters towards the end of the character list. These characters are found near the new data for playable Jeritza and Anna.

Of the characters, at least four of them look like playable characters. This also fits with the information found in the Famitsu guidebook. In the English version, their names are Yuri, Balthus, Constance and Hapi. Unfortunately, we don’t know which character is which, but there’s a high chance they’re in the same order.





Evidently, these four characters are the bearers of the remaining crests lost to history, together with Anna. Also, all four belong to a currently unknown allegiance, which may be the “Abyssians” mentioned in the game (image via @Bwyaw on Twitter).

That said, according to unused dialogue, these characters might have ties to existing locations in the game. Notably, it seems Constance is related to the now-defunct House Nuvelle in the Adrestian Empire. Yuri may be from Faerghus. Also, Balthus seems to know Holst, Hilda’s brother, and thus could hail from Leicester.

Proud House Nuvelle blood runs through my veins. Never shall it run dry!


What in Faerghus! This is…wow. I guess I need to lower my expectations.


A while ago there was a fighting tournament in Leicester. I went toe-to-toe with Hilda’s brother, Holst, for the title. Nearly won too.


Beyond these four, there are additional characters, but they may be NPCs or enemies.

Between Hapi(?) and Jeritza, there is a 38 year old male allied with the Church of Seiros and bearer of a minor Crest of Seiros. At first glance, I thought he could be a 5th new DLC character. However, his maximum stats are 99 across the board, which is generally a sign they’re not playable.

After Anna, there’s a 17 year old female allied with the Adrestian Empire and bearer of a minor Crest of Cichol. Unlike the previous character, she has reasonable maximum stats. On the other hand, she lacks a name ID and recruitment data. How odd…

Another thing. The tea party data was updated to allow for up to 8 more characters. 4 of these seem to belong to Yuri, Balthus, Constance and Hapi (the first four slots). Another 2 are taken by Jeritza and Anna (the 6th and 7th slots). The remaining slots seem to belong to the above two characters.

On the other hand, Rhea’s unused tea party lines were moved to the 8th new slot. Which is extremely curious in itself.

Next, onto the classes. Famitsu didn’t specify how many classes will be in Wave 4, never mind what these classes are. Thankfully, it wasn’t too hard to locate the new classes, as they were hiding near the newly added playable Death Knight class. Similarly, we don’t know the names of these classes, but it’s not hard to guess.


War Monk?

Dark Flier?


Looking at the new classes, they are all capable of wielding magic. Most notably, this is the first time in the game where there’s a flying class that can wield magic. So you can finally have a flying mage and/or healer! There’s also a magic-based class that’s decent with axes and brawling (if you don’t count Enlightened One).

Furthermore, it seems these new classes are geared towards the four new playable characters (and Anna), if you compare their weapon types etc. For example, Yuri(?) and Anna seem to be built as Tricksters, while Constance(?) fits perfectly as a Dark Flier. This is almost certainly on purpose.

In fact, one of Anna’s goal suggestions in the game is for Trickster (image via /u/CptDex from Reddit).

If that wasn’t enough, the game secretly added an actual Trickster sprite for Anna (image via DeathChaos25), similar to her one from Awakening. I was also told that Anna will retain her monastery 3D model while in the unreleased Trickster class.

Outside of these four obvious classes, there are less obvious ones, which may belong to NPCs or enemies. They do not have anything listed under their mastered ability/arts slot, which suggests this is the case.

After Valkyrie(?), there’s a new Dragon-family demonic beast, which I’m guessing is a boss. It has Counterattack and two new, unknown abilities. Sadly, that’s pretty much all we know about it.

Next is a new Advanced Infantry magic-class. Its abilities are Black Tomefaire, Black Magic Uses x2 and Fiendish Blow. It seems very similar to the existing Warlock class. Perhaps it belongs to a new spell-casting boss?

Finally, after the playable Death Knight class, there’s a Lance-wielding demonic beast. Similar to the Golems already in the game. This one has Terrain Resistance, Lance Prowess Lv 5 and Renewal.

We’re nearly done! To finish off, there are at least two new items. Unsurprisingly, they’re connected to the missing crests. The strange thing is that there should be at least three more crest weapons or equipment, but I can’t find them. Oh well.

New Gauntlet

Name Mt Hit Crit Rng Wt Lvl Use Description (Comments)
??? 7 90 10 1 7 E 30 Hero’s Relic. 2 consecutive hits when initiating combat; enables ??? for Crest of Chevalier

New Equipment

Name Protect Weight Description (Comments)
??? 0 0 Relic ring (Aubin); Movement +1, ???

With this, there’s finally a proper “ultimate-level” Gauntlet.

That’s all for now. Hopefully, when Wave 4 is released, it doesn’t disappoint!

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