Cipher S19 Weekly Recap: Daily Reveals, Comiket News, & Livestream Guest Update!

We’re another week closer to the release of S19 of Fire Emblem Cipher, and @fecipher has been busy with reveals. Finishing up the week is our latest Three Houses SR card, this time for Hubert! He appears here as the Dark Bishop class.

Two other 3H characters are also making their Cipher debut this set, both revealed this week. Sylvain from Blue Lions and Lorenz from Golden Deer each score two cards. Sylvain’s promoted card is an R foil.

The Twitter also showed off two more characters from Genealogy as well, Ulster and Arthur. Both have been included in Cipher sets before, but not since S8, which will be rotating out soon.

Additionally, Cipher had a few other announcements today related to upcoming events. Hit the “Read More” button for our first glimpse at some of the Comiket 97 merchandise and also a surprise guest for the S19 Pre-Release Livestream.

In addition to the card reveals, the Cipher Frontier column also updated today. You can see the latest column here. This update contains our very first look at some of the exclusive merchandise that will be available at this winter’s Comiket 97!

First up is a special Cipher edition of Karuta, a type of Japanese playing cards. The cards are the same size as regular Cipher cards and feature Cipher art. You can see some cards below, with more in the column article linked above.

One other piece of merchandise revealed so far as a USB drive based on the OG Falchion design. It has a 4GB capacity.

The Comiket page on the official site is also updated with a merchandise and price list. In addition to the Karuta cards and USB drive, there will also be:

  • Two designs of Fan Boxes
  • A hoodie
  • An A3 size acrylic card
  • Two types of reusable bottles
  • Five types of tapestry wall banners
  • Two types of playmats
  • 15 designs of domiterior keychains
  • Artbooks for S17 and S18

We don’t yet have details or images for any of these projects yet, but we should see them at the latest by the S19 Pre-Release Livestream on 7 December. And speaking of the livestream…

@fecipher announced a new, exciting guest for the stream… Fire Emblem illustrator Senri Kita! Best known for her character artwork in the Tellius games, she is also a prominent Cipher artist.

She’ll be joining Toshiyuki Toyonaga (VA for Claude, Eri Suzuki (VA for Delthea, Emma, and Soleil) and Tsutomu Kitanishi, alongside hosts Ryota Kawade and Kubocchan. You can visit the stream page on the official site if you’d like to bookmark links for either NicoNico or YouTube.

That’s all we have for now! Cipher Series 19 will release next month on 12 December. In the meantime, it’ll be an exciting month of news, reveals, and speculation. For further discussion about Cipher, feel free to join us in the Cipher subforum on the forums! You can also check out the Cipher Wiki for translations of the cards and more detailed information.

About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor