Heroes: “Harmony amid Chaos” & Forging Bonds Now Available + “A Hero Rises” Winner

The latest summoning event “Harmony amid Chaos” is now available in Fire Emblem Heroes! Summoners can attempt to snag the following Heroes from Three Houses: 5 star Lysithea, Annette and Bernadetta, plus 4-5 star Ferdinand.

For info about their skills etc., please check our earlier article. “Harmony amid Chaos” will be present until the daily rollover on 31st March 2020 (UTC). In addition, there’s a Log-in Bonus giving out Orbs for up to 10 log-ins, until 20th March 2020 (UTC).

…And if that’s not enough Orbs, don’t forget there’s also a newly-added permanent story chapter and corresponding Lunatic difficulty quests. Hopefully, by the end, there will be more harmony than chaos for your Orb stashes!

If you’re looking for a(nother) chance to get to know these Heroes, there’s a Forging Bonds event with the same name, which is available between now and 20th March 2020 (UTC). This time, a total of 120 Divine Codes (Ephemera 3) can be obtained as rewards.

For those who missed the memo, Divine Codes can be used for the Compile Manual feature added in Version 4.3.0. To celebrate the addition, there’s a a separate Log-in Bonus that awards a total of 250 Divine Codes (Part 1) and 100 Divine Codes (Ephemera 3).

Last but not least, the winner of the recent “A Hero Rises” Voting Gauntlet was none other than Altina: Dawn’s Trueblade! She’ll be gifted to Summoners starting from 12th March 2020 (UTC).

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