Heroes: Resplendent Takumi Rises in October & Awakening-themed Hall of Forms!

Like clockwork, the Fire Emblem Heroes team has shared details of the Resplendent Hero for the period after the current one.

After fading into obscurity from his reign of terror during the first months of the game, Takumi: Wild Card has risen from the grave, sporting attire that would make Hel proud (probably).

If you’re unafraid, you can learn more about this iteration of Takumi via the Feh Pass website. He’ll be available from 10th October 2020 (UTC), after the currently-available Resplendent Julia melts away into the snow.

In other news, a new round of Hall of Forms has started, featuring some big names from Awakening.

  • Cavalry Chrom
  • Brave Lucina
  • Fallen Robin
  • Walhart

The hall will be open until the daily rollover on 9th October. I think one of our editors is pretty excited about building the Forma Chrom…

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