Heroes: Feh Channel Nov 3 2020. New Game Mode, Version Update perks and details on the next Banner

As recently announced, the next Feh Channel has been shared, and can be checked out here. I’ll summarize the 13:44 long video here.

First up, is the upcoming Ninja Festival’s units. We have Zihark: Ninja Blademaster, a Red Sword Infantry, Laevatein: Ninja of Muspell, a Green Axe Flier, Navarre: Scarlet Ninja, a Blue Lance Infantry, Hana: Focused Ninja, a Green Axe Infantry and finally, Duo Hero Lyn (and Florina): Ninja-Friend Duo, a Colorless Dagger Flier. I’ll have full details on the squad in their upcoming trailer, but do note that they all come with near PRF weaponry, and the free Hana comes with Life & Death 3, Wrath 3 and Glimmer, and Laevatein comes with Distant Ward, a commodity sure to attract Summoners.

Zihark, Laevateinn, Navarre and Lyn, will be available from November 5 – December 5, in the upcoming In The Moment summoning banner, and Hana will be a Tempest Trials+ reward, in the TT+ Ninja Novices that kicks off on November 6.

Info on the next Version Update features has been shared;

  • There is an added “Quality Version” available, called Recommended, which is a sort of half-way point between the currently available High Quality version and Lite Data versions
  • The number of Teams and Skill Sets has been increased.
    • Teams, increased from 15 to 20
    • Reserve Teams, increased from 15 to 20
    • Brigades, increased from 8 to 10
    • Skill Sets, increased from 5 to 10
  • The Learn with Sharena website is being updated with more information.

The next event, Pawns of Loki is being added on November 11. To commemorate the start of this event, there will be a handful of perks added, including:

  • A 5-day long Log-In bonus, which rewards include up to 40 of each Dragon Flower type, and up to 40 Heroic Grails
  • A return of 6 Daily Skill Focus summoning events, from earlier in this year
  • Quests, which will yield up to 50 of each Dragon Flower type, up to 10 Orbs, and up to 40 Trait Fruits
  • Reward Maps will return, with Normal and Hard difficulties, with a total of up to 12 Orbs

As for the Pawns of Loki event itself; This event will feature a different type of Forma Units on a Chess Board (fitting for Fire Emblem, of course). Units can be purchased with a mode-specific “War Funds” currency, and you can invest in either higher level or lower level units, which have increasing cost based on the level.

The battle itself appears to be fully automatic, although you as the Summoner have the ability to control what units are deployed. If you add three of the same unit onto the board, you can merge them into a single leveled-up unit.

Additionally, you can trigger combos with specific unit combos deployed, which result in higher stats/points being returned. The scores you earn contribute towards Rewards, which range from Hero Feathers, to Orbs, to Dragon Flowers, Refinery Stones and Divine Codes (event-specific).

Forma that appear, are based on the Heroes that you have set within brigades, so it appears that you can influence the Heroes that appear within the Pawns of Loki availability/purchase list.

That’s all, Summoners. Again, look for our next post, detailing the new batch of Ninja Heroes. Do note, that you can see all of their base stats and skills in this Feh Channel video, but there are no details on the units Weaponry, all of which are new PRFs, and three of which are Inheritable.

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