Three Hopes: Blue Lions Character & Class Profiles via Twitter

Following the Kingdom of Faerghus trailer for FE Warriors: Three Hopes, the official Japanese Twitter account has continued sharing profiles for the featured characters and their classes.

If you missed our earlier Twitter coverage for the House Leaders and their retainers, please see here.

Like before, the class profiles appear to describe each character’s personal skill in the second half.


VA: Yuichi Hose
Heir to Duke Fraldarius.
Cynical and sharp-tongued, with an especially poor attitude towards his childhood friend Dimitri and father Rodrigue, but can be reasoned with.
Dedicated to honing his sword skills and enjoys challenging those who are strong.


One of Felix’s preferred classes.
Can deliver powerful sword attacks.
Also, Felix’s attacking speed is boosted whenever he evades, so he can mess with foes with his rapid sword fighting while dodging their attacks!


VA: Yumiri Hanamori
Adopted daughter of a wealthy merchant from the royal capital. A former imperial noble, separated from her little brother.
Always concerned for others; her words flow with kindness.
Close friends with Annette since their days at the royal school of sorcery.


One of Mercedes’s preferred classes.
In addition to being an excellent healing class, can fight with magic.
Mercedes can also make pillars of light appear around her, wiping out foes and simultaneously healing allies. Obliterate foes while supporting your allies!


VA: Yuki Inoue
Adopted son of Lord Lonato, ruler of Gaspard Castle.
Greatly respects his adoptive father, who raised him like his own son, despite his commoner birth. Admires the knights spoken of in stories, diligently studying and training everyday in hopes of becoming one.


One of Ashe’s preferred classes.
Can shoot accurate attacks from a long distance.
Ashe can also generate a Wind-element field that launches foes into the air. You can lure enemies in, then crush them in one fell swoop while they’re stuck in the air!


VA: Takako Tanaka
Daughter of Gilbert of the Knights of Seiros and niece to Baron Dominic of the nobility. A cheerful hard-worker, but accident-prone due to constantly overdoing things. Graduated with honours from the royal school of sorcery. Best friends with Mercedes.


One of Annette’s preferred classes.
Wields powerful magic to defeat swathes of enemies.
Annette can also enhance herself and nearby allies. The effect is random, but potent, such as boosting critical rate or adding elements to attacks!


VA: Makoto Furukawa
Heir to Margrave Gautier, ruler of the northernmost stretch of Faerghus. A reliable “big brother” figure to his allies, but criticised for his terrible habit of mindlessly hitting on women. Has good wits and values his friends above all else.


One of Sylvain’s preferred classes.
Gallops freely across the battlefield with its great mobility.
Also, the more Sylvain attacks, the greater his attack range and damage. Try to unleash a barrage of attacks without being interrupted!


VA: Manaka Iwami
Heir to Count Galatea and a childhood friend of Dimitri, Felix and Sylvain. Serious and noble like the knights from old stories, but loses herself when confronted with a good meal. Lost her fiance in the Tragedy of Duscur.

Pegasus Knight

One of Ingrid’s preferred classes.
Teases foes with its three-dimensional movement on the ground and in the air.
Also, enemies that are knocked back greatly by Ingrid will be surrounded by freezing air, which can envelop the surroundings in ice!

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