Fire Emblem Engage: Celica Tidbits via Twitter

This week, we’re back to a single Thursday Twitter post for Fire Emblem Engage.

After the double whammy of Alfred and Céline, the spotlight goes to Celica, who Céline seems to have an affinity for.

Celica’s profile:

The Emblem Celica (VA: Nao Tōyama), also known as the “Emblem of Echoes”, is a princess and warrior priestess from a bountiful nation. A survivor of the Zofian royal family from the Outrealm continent of Valentia.

Previously, Marth was referred to as the “Emblem of Beginnings” so presumably every Emblem has their own title. Perhaps we’ll see titles like “Emblem of Radiance” for Ike, “Emblem of Awakening” for Lucina, etc.

Next, a battle showcasing Celica:

The map shown is the seemingly early battle in the verdant nation (Firene), where Louis and Chloé appear to be stranded at the centre of the map.

The party is pretty familiar at this point: Alear, Vander, Framme, Cramme, Alfred, Céline, Etie and the brown-haired axe guy who’s with Alfred and Etie. Plus the aforementioned stranded(?) Louis and Chloé.

As the player selects and moves Céline & Celica, there are speech bubbles over Louis and Chloé, which didn’t appear in previous footage. So it’s likely Céline can trigger unique dialogue with them. Which further suggests the pair could be her retainers (and perhaps in trouble).

Otherwise, perhaps because their Bond Level is lower here, but Celica has fewer skills compared to in the reveal trailer (3 versus 5).

Céline & Celica are fighting an axe-wielding Corrupted. The pair inflict 15 damage twice, which just misses a KO. The enemy itself gives the impression of an Armoured Knight. Similar to the Marth showcase, Celica doesn’t fight separately, instead attacking at the same time as Céline.

The Twitter post mentions that Celica has high Magic and boosts the Magic of the wielder.

Finally, a conversation between Alear and Celica:

The conversation is pretty standard-fare; probably just general chit-chat back at the base.

Behind Celica, there’s an area with a group of benches, which looks like a nice spot to rest. Oh, this was also visible during the Marth conversation, but I only noticed it now. There are some curious markings on the floor to the left and right of Celica too. Reminds me of dragon wings.

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